LONDON — Britain has legalized gay marriage after Queen Elizabeth II gave her royal stamp of approval.
The queen's approval was a formality. It clears the way for the first gay marriages next summer.
The bill enables gay couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies in England and Wales.

The British government introduced the bill in January.
Prime Minister David Cameron had backed it.
Numerous attempts to derail the legislation failed as it wound its way through Parliament, with traditionalists arguing it would undermine the sanctity of marriage.Read more:
It is no longer news that the David Cameron government is in support of a bill that will legalize the same sex marriage in the United Kingdom. How low can Britain go, the bastion of Christian crusades into the four corners of the World? What has become of the land with the most powerful surviving monarchy in the universe? King James will be weeping in his grave; John Wesley would be praying for a Holy Ghost fire revival in his native Britain, in order to turn the hearts of the human Satanic agents back to the light of the gospel that added the ‘great’ in Britain.
How has a great Kingdom fallen to the grass of perdition? I mourn the demise of a once great nation, in which the light of glory glowed and shone upon the world. Kings and Queens, Presidents and men of valor from other nations travelled far and wide to take a peep at the light that made the United Kingdom the home of modern civilization. Through the fear of God Almighty, their King made the Holy Bible available to all nations of the world, through which the gospel preached by our Lord Jesus Christ touched billions of lives today. Have the descendents of these great men and women and a God fearing King, forgotten the words of the Holy Bible, which their ancestors traversed the earth with and died in the process? Do these children regard the words in the Bible as an old wife tale? Sodom and Gomorrah found in Genesis 18:20 was destroyed because their Kings allowed their societies to degenerate into sexual perversion; lesbianism and homosexuality were given free rein. It was so bad that no family in that society was spared from perversion except for Lot, Abraham’s nephew. Nature itself cried out, because this went against the very essence of procreation; man plus women equals to recreation! God’s perfect equation for recreation was over-ruled by a perverted few. God Almighty heard the cry of nature against the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed it to stop its spread. The evil demons that curses this perversion openly acknowledges that a man cannot have sexual relationship with another man (confessions of evil spirits that possessed a woman as seen on Emmanuel TV, a Christian satellite channel based in Nigeria). If these evil spirits so affirms; why then has man been so blinded not to see the abomination against God in passing such a law consenting to the same sex marriage. Hear the voice of the messenger.    

Hear thou sons and daughters of the heroes of the gospel, my anger is kindled against you and your generations yet unborn. Your forebears lit my fire of the gospel to the modern world, and now you want to legalize abomination of eternal damnation to this generation.  By your actions you have rubbished my commandments and made mockery of my displeasure. I shall bring plagues upon plagues on you and the cry of your children will be deafening. What you thought you know from your father the devil, will not save you. I shall brew you in the concoction of confusion and your dignity shall be taken away. You have sold your freedom and liberty to him who has been a thief and lives without shame and you say you practice democracy. I shall divide the nation as my servant Moses divided the children of Israel in the wilderness; those who are for me shall be separated from those who are of Satan, the devil.  Suddenly, I shall come with the vengeance of devouring fire and my sword shall be against those men and women who are an abomination in the land.  
Your leaders will weep and beg for an escape route, but I shall close all ways to you and your cohorts. Even though I have spoken about the love of God being eroded by the love of self and the unnatural love among men and women; could your nation, Britain, not hold on to the foundations laid by your ancestors on the dignity of my creation. To every man I gave a woman for procreation! Did you think Sodom and Gomorrah was an illusion to spice up my indignation of the abomination of my creation? Yours will be worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah, who did not have anyone preach the gospel to them for repentance. Woe unto you, Sons of a perverse generation. I am coming sooner than expected. Repent from your decisions and stand for me and make straight the ways of men and I shall have mercy; Says the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Why has my anger been rekindled against the nation of the United Kingdom? For I have regarded Britain as a tree from the day her Kings and Queens acknowledged me. My right hand was favourable to her and her children and I protected her from the taunts of nations more powerful than her. She grew as a beautiful bride and brought light to many nations where darkness once ruled; her branches spread and covered the earth. Excellency was her watch word and justice ruled all over her. I looked upon her branches from the strength of the tree, while some of the branches did abominable acts, I overlooked it for the mercy upon the tree. Now that the tree is about to commit the unpardonable sin, what am I suppose to do? I am sending my messenger to warn the tree of the impending wrath that will come upon it, if it insists on going ahead with the abomination. Let it not be through you my destruction will come upon the earth; you have been warned O’ Britain!
By Evangelist Phillips Eteng

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  1. What a troll, go back to the Dark ages you draconian fool. I cringe over your biblical tools of oppression, talk about the original government.




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