Wake Up Call is a thriller, adventure, mystery, occult conspiracy novel. 
Today we live in a society ruled by lies and manipulation. It’s about time we Woke Up and found out the truth and expose those same lies and manipulations in all sectors of our society. 

The novel includes a lot of different global issues that are very important in this period of time in which we live today such as:
- Ancient Schools of mystery and magic; 
- Secret Societies; 
- The Illuminati;
- The Freemasons;
- The New World Order;
- The New Age Religion;
- The Rothschilds;
- The Zionists;
- The Jews;
- The Bankers;
- The Revolutions;
- The English Royal Family;
- The Catholic Church.
It talks about vaccines, healthy food, supermarkets, genetically modified food, aspartame, chemtrails, fluoride, RFID microchips, TV media, education, politicians, music and film stars, sports, fashion, religions, the Kabbalah, Judaism and Christianity.
It is a novel that will help you to Wake Up. 
You were silent and asleep for a long time.
Now is the time to WAKE UP!

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  1. how can I get a copy of this book? I don't have a kindle.



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