"A triangle is a very important symbol in Freemasonry.  It denotes the unholy trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus.  The base is the Egyptian Sun God Osiris representing the male principle, Isis the Egyptian Goddess of the Moon representing the feminine principle and the hypotenuse, their son Horus, the product of the male and the female principle.  The main streets in Washington DC have been made in a way to form a pentagram star,'' the doctor said, grabbed the map of  Washington DC and started to draw all over it. 
"And do you know which object is located right on top of the pentagram star turned upside down?''  He asked breathlessly.
"No,"  Mary whispered.

"The White House.  The place where the President of the United States rules.  He is the commander in chief of all the military force of the country, as well as a commander of NATO and subsequently, the whole world.''
"And did you know that eighteen of our Presidents were Freemasons?"  It was my turn to ask them.
"We are not sure about the rest,"  Mary said. 
''What about the co-signatories of the Declaration of Independence?  Did you know that fifty out of the fifty-six people who signed the Declaration were Freemasons?  It is a known fact that only one of them was not a Freemason, and there were no relevant documents to prove the same for the remaining five.'' 
Doctor Freeman draw the pentagram and the owl on the map of Washington DC and showed it to us.  "Notice how the owl is made of the Masonic symbols the rectangle and the compass."
"Wow!"  We watched with open mouths. 
"The whole power is concentrated above the pentagram, where stands the all-seeing eye.  The eye represents the Masonic Temple.  Power is concentrated there.  It shows us who truly rules the USA and the world.'' 
"I knew there was some secret geometry in the construction of the Washington Monument, the White House and the Senate but I did not know this,"   I replied.
"It is more than clear who rules the USA.  The Freemasons.  The American Civil War and the fight for Independence were conducted by the Freemasons just like the French Revolution.  George Washington was a Freemason,  as was Thomas Jefferson," I replied.
"Almost all the founders were Freemasons.  From what I have studied, almost the entire city of Washington DC is built using that sacred masonic geometry.  This can also be found in all major European cities, such as: Paris, London and Rome. The most significant buildings are interlinked accurately in a precise angle.  It's one of their sacred secrets and crafts - trying to mimic the sky and the constellations on it.  All these objects were made in honor of certain constellations following the example of ancient Rome and other ancient civilizations.  Mainly Egypt and Babylon."
"You're right, Doctor Freeman.  I've particularly noticed that all these important places in Washington are full of statues and objects of various pagan gods and deities," indicated Mary.
"Yes, that's another topic.  Almost all of the statues in various institutions in Washington DC and other big American cities are pagan.  Roman and Egyptian gods and deities," the doctor said.
"At the top of the Senate we have got Persephone, the Goddess of the underworld.  There are also statues of Jupiter and other gods and deities," he said.
"Yes, it's clear the Freemasons worship all these pagan gods and deities which come from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Druids, and other various secret societies of Freemasonry," I replied.
"What about the Pentagon?"  Mary asked.
"The Pentagon is what stays in the middle when you draw a five pointed star – a pentagram.  And we have it as a base of our military force and the police.''
"And what exactly does the Pentagram represent, doctor?"  Mary asked him.
"It is an ancient symbol used in witchcraft and wizardry.  It symbolizes the five elements of which everything is made: earth, wind, fire, water and the spirit that surrounds them,"  he answered.
"A witchcraft symbol?"  Mary asked.
"Yes, it's used for white magic," he said.
"The reversed pentagram is a satanic symbol used by satanists and black witches and magicians as a means to summon demons through black magic.  It is a bad and evil symbol and it symbolizes Satan.  The satanic pentagram is usually drawn in a circle during these summoning rituals.  The demons and the fallen angels which are summoned can enter the room where they are summoned to but cannot penetrate the circle.''
"I have some knowledge concerning the pentagram," I interrupted the doctor. 
"Please, feel free to share it," he encouraged me and smiled.
"It is true that the pentagram is an old occult magical symbol.  Most of the symbols are very old and are transported through the ancient mystery schools.  I am particularly concerned about the fact that the use of this and other magical and witchcraft symbols in today's society is huge.  These symbols are everywhere.   On flags, coats of arms, in films, music videos, corporate logos and products. They are everywhere around us.  People are simply overloaded with the use of these symbols and are not even aware of them.  If only people knew the real meaning of these symbols...'' my thought trailed away. 

"They would have been shocked," Mary added.
"Yes, Mary.  All these secret societies use these symbols quire skillfully. Symbols can have different meanings.  People are being manipulated every day.  A lot of magic and witchcraft symbols are used and accepted as symbols of peace, freedom ... of something nice," I said.
"That's the truth.  People are lied to and manipulated for centuries.  I'd like to see you try and prove it otherwise to the masses.  They label you a liar and a lunatic for telling them the truth.  They think you are crazy and stupid.  The truth is those are magical witchcraft religious symbols.  No matter what use they are put to, a symbol is a symbol and it always carries its original meaning.  The problem is that people do not know the real meaning of the symbols.  All secret societies have origins from the Ancient Mystery Schools, or the ancient mysterious religions.  They are the ancestors of the modern secret societies which appeared in Babylon and Egypt for the first time as priestly occult magical witchcraft cults."

From the book "Wake Up Call" free download today

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