Sixty days in jail, three years probation, and a twelve thousand dollar fine. The crime? Is it truly possible that in the grand old US of A, Pastor Salman is being hit with these punishments for holding a Bible study in his home?
What’s sad is that the governing authorities in Arizona and everywhere else in America have every right to impose this penalty on Pastor Salman.
Michael Salman family
Every time we the people allow our government a little more access to our private properties, even in the name of what sounds reasonable, we open the door for foolishness such as this.
Someone long ago suggested that maybe it’s dangerous for too many people to congregate in a home, so we passed a law saying so, and presto…

Still, it’s interesting to me that a Bible study was chosen to enact this law upon. Anyone holding a Tupperware party doing time in the pen? The home-owner hosting an after-prom party? Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

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