Roll call is going high-tech in Washington County, Fla. Rather than the usual name calling and response, students are now checking into class with  finger scanning devices. And to keep better track of students from the minute they come under district supervision until they are delivered safely home again, the scanners are now moving from the school building to the school bus.

At $30 per student per year, the system isn’t necessarily cheap. But considering the uptick in attendance (which means more money from the state in many districts) and the inherent increase in accountability and student safety, it may well be worth the cost. And naturally, parents who don’t want their children fingerprinted coming to and from school for whatever reason can opt to have their kids check in with their teachers in a more analog fashion.

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  1. invasion of privacy! No "F" way your getting my childs finger print!

  2. same here anonymous...I will start homeschooling

  3. or, you could stop getting hysterical and simply "opt out" of the print check-in, as the article states. Btw, tried to cash a check recently? Most banks require the same for ID at the teller window now.

  4. cashing checks isn't an everyday occurrence for 5 and 6 years old either



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