The Truth About Morgellons (Not A Disease - But It's Man-Made!)

Morgellons is silicone nanotechnology!

It is NOT a parasite

We are ALL getting infected b/c it is being sprayed on us in “chemtrails”. The silicone nanotechnology is being sprayed on deli meats with viruses. In addition it has been found in a very popular bubble bath. Also, nanotechnology is being found in sodas! We are being subjected to this poison from all forms.. air, water, food and household products.
Who is doing this and why?
Research the “Illuminati” and find out their depopulation agenda to remove 90% of the worlds population.
EVERYONE has been exposed.
Just you and I have the symptoms. And our bodies are doing what they are supposed to be doing by pushing the invader outside of the body.
To prove that this is silicone nanotechnology do the following:
1. get “pedifix” tea-tree oil soap and rub it into the lesion for 15 seconds.
2. Get “endure 300″ ethyl alcohol gel and rub this ON TOP of the tea tree oil on the lesion.
3. Watch the silicone ooze out of your skin. Works best if your pores are open from taking a bath. You will be shocked at how much plastic comes out of your skin.

Now research how polymers are being used for “chemtrails” and cloud seeding.
Now do we connect the dots?
Spraying this plastic polymer material in the sky… we breath it in all day.. and then our bodies try to push it out of our systems.. and we get lesions.
Now these are not just plain plastic polymers.. these are man-made biowarfare agents filled with plastic nano spheres and carbon nano-tubes.
Self-replicating. Highly electric.
Could this be used for mind-control or forced chipping of the population?
Also, man-made viruses are also added to the mixture. Can you say..BIOWARFARE! compliments of our govt. If you don’t think our govt is capable of poisoning and murdering its own people then you haven’t done your research! Poor 9/11 victims, Oklahoma bombing! Connect the dots.. same people.. just continuing their assault on Americans.
Do your research.. ”the Illuminati” control the world and want most of us dead. If Americans don’t stop sucking their thumbs and put down the remote control.. the Illuminati may succeed in getting rid of all the dumbed down sheeple in the world.

Contact the toxicologist in Los Angeles California who specializes in nanotechnology. She takes phone calls from long distance patients. She can help you. Buy her far infrared sauna .. and rainbow.. it's the only thing that helps. You have to use oxygen therapy and far infrared. The govt has silenced her from speaking out. The tried to kill her with poisons. If she is not on the right track why try to murder her. Anyway, the people who were tested had absolutely no parasites in their samples.. The little things that look like worms and dots are nanotechnology. The itching and biting feeling that people are getting is the electricity coming from the nanotechnology. The little skinny worm looking things is a carbon nanotube.. the black dots is a carbon nanosphere.

There is really only a couple of ways to get this out.. parasite meds will not do a thing.
This is not a bug, this is an assault on the entire human population.. Us lucky people are the first to feel the effects of biowarfare, compliments of our own govt.
Research how the govt is using polymer to form clouds in the sky.. as in "chemtrails". We are all exposed.. Everyone! Just some people have more exposure or their bodies are not eliminating it like others. I heard that it can be racially targeted. Especially towards people with a Spanish background. I have family from Spain who have a bad case of this.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Veronica H sent this message to Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 30th December 2009 11:16 AM using the contact form at
In 2006, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, world renowned toxicologist published a paper through the National Registry of Environmental Professionals
(NREP) titled THE STANINGER REPORT ( - Posted here 22nd November 2007 - Research and Videos: The Staninger Report by Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D - MORGELLONS: A NANO-911 FOREIGN INVADER) in which she explained that Morgellons Disease is caused by exposure to advanced nano materials that were being sprayed on the general population by aerial spraying (chemtrails).
Dr. Staninger has the lab data analysis to prove it.
Since then, she has been treating victims of this horror with a combination of natural therapeutics and Far-Infrared Therapy, with much success.
Anyone who publishes news on this subject needs to include her work. She is truly a genius and light years ahead of everyone regarding this subject.
Dr. Staninger's office is located in Los Angeles, California. The phone number is 323-466-2599. She is very personable and easy to talk to. If you have any questions about this subject, she is the one to talk to.
Thank you for your great work! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
DIRTY RAIN H1N1: How ChemTrails can use polymers to protect and grow Virus or Bacteria in CLOUDS - 8 Minutes 18 Seconds - - This is my theory on how super-absorbent polymers can be used in conjunction with bacteria, viruses, animal proteins, and cloud seeding to cultivate and protect any virus or bacteria, then have it rain down on any selected target, and infect them with disease. The patent discussed can be found here:
Contrail Clutter Over Georgia - Credit: MODIS: - Terra Satellite: - NASA:
100% PROOF U.S.A. Has Tested Using RAIN To Spread Influenza Virus ON AMERICAN CITIZENS! - 9 Minutes 38 Seconds - - It has come to my attention that this VIDEO has been blocked in some Country and there no Explanation as to why ??? .Please get this out as someone ids REALLY HIDING SOMETHING. Just think how many advances they have made with this technology with 15 more years of R&D. Credit for this upload goes to: and - This video gives testimony from POLICE OFFICERS even that a small town in Washington state was used as testing grounds for the military's use of RAIN as a way to vector viruses for a population. - - - Benjiman H Latrobe - - Thanks for watching. Peace to all................... stay tuned for more update soon :)
Contrail Clutter Over Georgia - Credit: MODIS: - Terra Satellite: - NASA:

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  1. I have always thought our govement had something to do with so many kinds of flu. seems like a different one each year..I believe this has been happening since world war two when our goverment brought some sicenctest from Germany. Like the one man that was in population control. I hope they don't come after me..but i sure would not dought it. I knew a woman in Burnet tx that wrote a letter to Clenton when he was seeing that girl and soon after she had three men come to see her. they took her to a mental hospital and made her stay three months and when she got out they told her that she had to take some kind of mediciene and if she did not take it they would be back and take her back to the hospital and she would never get out. This is a true story too. I would hope everone pays attention to what goes on in our country...but they won't. and they will think I am crazy for writing this, but if there is one person that begins to liston to their brain that it a good sign..

  2. McDonalds meat is full of this stuff. It has been observed under the microscope and posted.

  3. Her feet look like she has a bad fungus infection. We have chem trails here in the Austin area quite often. I haven't been infected as yet.

  4. God will not allow this with His creation that He made for Him. This is nothing more than the work of satan, who from the beginning of his revolt against God and His righteousness has declared himself to be as God.

    1. I'd have to agree, something very fishy and fake about this. Mind you anything could be possible, but God wouldn't let this happen to his creation. Also agree with bad fungus austin area person. :D Either way I hope for the best, God bless

    2. Clearly "God" cares nothing for the trivialities that plague our race. Either that or G's not the omnipotent being you think of.

      I'm sad to see you've been conditioned to be such a sheeple.
      Organized religion is a sham.

    3. WHY do you THINK that God WOULD NOT allow this to happen to His Creation? Whom the Lord loves, He chasties and we in this nation have turned away from God... we have taken prayer out of every public venue, we have abortion ON-DEMAND, we are now passing laws that allow for same sex marriage... When the Lord ALLOW His Chosen people the Jews to go into the Holocaust, horrible things were done to His Creation and it was because they were under the discipline of the Lord, because they had turned away from Him.

    4. What kind of shitty god do you have, and what does Love have to do with punishment? Wake up and just say no to brainwashing religion. Time to start thinking for yourself or you will have to die and repeat the painful learning of your sins (mistaken ideas.) May the Peace, Love, and Blessings of True Spirit be upon you. <3

  5. spray that stuff over the big cities

  6. Silicone is PDMS, which would disintegrate at high temperature of the jet burning fuel. The same would happen to silicon chips. Does not sound credible.



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