Sunette bridges has been slandered by the SA Mail and Guardian in an effort to stop her printing the ongoing brutal black on white hate attacks in South Africa.

The South African human rights activist, Sunette Bridges is under attack from the SA media once again. Ms. Bridges is regularly belittled and ridiculed by journalists in the giant NASPERS media group which refuses to print information on the daily incidence of vicious black on white violence. Now there has been a slanderous report about her in the mainly black owned Mail & Guardian newspaper.

Sunette Bridges under attack again by the media
In a recent news report, the Mail & Guardian maliciously alleged that Ms Bridges was 'funding terrorism', claiming she was "linked" to an extreme right wing organization and 'raised funds for terrorism'.

The article linked Ms Bridges to one of the four Afrikaner men who in December last year, were arrested in a glare of media-attention. The four were charged with treason over a suspected plot to bomb a conference of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and execute President Jacob Zuma and other top government officials.

The men have consistently claimed they are innocent. On the day of the supposed planned attack the men arrested were 800 kilometers away from the location the State has charged they were going to attack. To date the investigating team has not been able to produce any solid evidence against the men and despite claims that they were heavily armed, no weapons or ammunition have been found.

In a surprise move on Friday the State withdrew all charges against Hein Boonzaaier one of four alleged right-wing plotters in the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court. No reasons were given for his release and the other three are still being held without trial.

The article by the Mail & Guardian has falsely claimed that Hein Boonzaaier had been Miss Bridges’ 'bookkeeper. Ms Bridges has denied the claims, saying while she knew Mr Boonzaaier, he had advised her on financial matters but had never been her 'bookkeeper'.

Ms Bridges has not been arrested or charged with any crime real or imagined however, the Mail & Guardian published an extensive article naming her prominently, describing her as the 'fund raiser for terrorists'. Ms Bridges is a well known singer in South Africa and sang at a Day of the Vow commemorative event that took place on the day that the supposed treason plot was hatched.

The Mail & Guardian newspaper is 87.5% owned by Newtrust Company Botswana Limited, which is owned by Zimbabwean publisher and entrepreneur Trevor Ncube. The London-based Guardian Newspapers Limited holds 10% of the company and minority shareholders make up the rest. Trevor Ncube claims to ”deplore the continuing state of media repression and restrictions in Zimbabwe”, however he seems to have no problem with the media suppression on the information about the ongoing brutal torture, rapes and murders of whites by blacks in South Africa.

Ms. Bridges uses to social media to publish daily updates of the constant attacks and murders of whites by blacks. She states the names and ages of the victims and where information is available, the nature of the attack. She also highlights the increasing number of cases where the SA police reports allege victims have died of natural causes but they have clearly been tortured and murdered.

Just since May 2012 black hate attacks on whites in South Africa have numbered: 522 (reported attacks) and 245 (reported murders). These are noted as “reported” attacks as police will not divulge information on these attacks. Many of these attacks were on the elderly and small children and included rape and horrific torture. There was a single reported case of a white on black attack for the same period. This was a case of a black man assaulted with a golf club during an altercation at a driving range in January 2013.

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  1. These folks are full of ignorance. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran it saddens me that Wake up call would block my commentary in their Facebook page. Simply for calling them out when they post things that are blatant lies. If you desire to be fooled and follow a liar, then you are in the right place. If you want to be smarter than that, I suggest that you do some of your own research and not be led astray! I have never been nasty with these people, but when I expose them, they can't handle the truth and they think that blocking me on Facebook will silence me. I am smarter than they are and will continue to show you the truth as I find it! Thanks. How do you like me now, Wake Up Call?



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