Shaquille O'Neal (Shaq) announced on NBA TV that he is a Freemason and showed off his huge diamond Masonic ring. The ring has "Prince Hall Master Mason" written on it with the Freemason compass, square and "G." The retired Boston Celtics basketball player was asked by the three other men on the show about his big ring: "What is going on there?"

Shaq responded: "That's a ring of my profession. You don't know nothing about that."

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  1. Another soul deceived into believing they can become a god through gnostic "hidden knowledge."

    Jesus Christ is the ONLY way!

    1. u don´t know nothin dude, fuck those comments

    2. "U don't know nothin dude, fuck those comments" is like saying "I'm lame and I wish I was learning instead of giving all my English teachers BJs'

    3. Funny how George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford were all Masons - yet men like Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were/are not. No Mason believes they can become a god; however, they MUST believe in God to become a Mason.

      "There are none so blind as those who will not see" sure applies to you. That is sad.

  2. Wow is funny how people who know nothing of the profession or can not become a mason because of black ball put it down and say bullshit like "we worship the devil" people really are retarded but thats ok I pray for Jesus name btw :)

  3. You can be ignorant. But man cant serve two Gods. MASONS ARE IDIOTS.

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