Snopes is run by a man and a woman with no background in investigation using Google. has been considered the 'tell-all final word' on any comment, claim and email. Once negative article by them and people point and say, "See, I told you it wasn't true!" But what is Snopes? What are their methods and training that gives them the authority to decide what is true and what is not? For several years people have tried to find out who exactly was behind the website Only recently did they get to the bottom of it. Are you ready for this? It is run by a husband and wife team - that's right, no big office of investigators scouring public records in Washington, no researchers studying historical stacks in libraries, no team of lawyers reaching a consensus on current caselaw. No, is just a mom-and-pop operation that was started by two people who have absolutely no formal background or experience in investigative research.

David and Barbara Mikkelson pictured above;  are from San Fernando Valley of California. They started their website  'Snopes'  about 13 years ago. After a few years it began gaining popularity as people believed it to be unbiased and neutral. But over the past couple of years people started asking questions when 'Snopes' was proven wrong in a number of their conclusions. There were also criticisms the Mikkelsons were not really investigating and getting to the 'true' bottom of various issues, but rather asserting their beliefs in controversial issues.
In 2008, State Farm agent Bud Gregg hoisted a political sign in Mandeville, Louisiana referencing Barack Obama and made a big splash across the internet. The Mikkelson's were quick to "research" this issue and post their condemnation of it on In their statement they claimed the corporate office of State Farm pressured Mr. Gregg into taking down the sign. In fact, nothing of the sort ever took place. A friend of Mr. Gregg personally contacted David Mikkelson to alert him of the factual inacuracy, leaving him Mr. Gregg's contact phone numbers. Mr. Mikkelson was told that Mr. Gregg would give him the phone numbers to the big exec's at State Farm in Illinois who would inform them that they had never pressured Mr. Gregg to take down his sign.
But the Mikkelson's never called Mr. Gregg. In fact, Mr. Gregg found out that no one from had ever contacted any one with State Farm. Yet, has kept their false story of Mr. Gregg up to this day, as the "final factual word" on the issue.
What is behind Snopes' selfish motivation? A simple review of their "fact-checking" reveals a strong tendency to explain away criticisms towards liberal politicians and public figures while giving conservatives the hatchet job. Religious stories and issues are similarly shown no mercy. With the "main-stream" media quickly losing all credibility with their fawning treatment of President Obama, Snopes is being singled out, along with MSNBC and others, as being particularly biased and agenda-motivated.
So if you really want to know the truth about a story or a rumor you have heard, by all means do not go to! You could do just as well if you were a liberal with an Internet connection. Don't go to either as their team of amateur editors have also been caught in a number of bold-faced liberal-biased untruths. (Such as Wikigate and their religious treatment of Obama.) Take anything these sites say with a grain of salt and an understanding that they are written by people with a motive to criticize all things conservative. Use them only to lead you to solid references where you can read their sources for yourself.
Plus, you can always Google a subject and do the research yourself. It now seems apparent that's all the Mikkelson's do. 
Snopes NO MORE The Self-proclaimed Debunker Of Urban Legend has been debunked 

Wow…read this one! Then check out the suggested web sites!!!
Many of the emails that I have sent or forwarded that had any anti-Obama information in it were negated by Snopes. I thought that was odd. Check this out.  For some time we’ve seen reports that Elaina Kagan was Obama’s attorney fighting those pesky “he isn’t a citizen” law suits.  Lawsuits that Snopes says don’t exist or at least that Kagan didn’t represent Mr. Obama in those suits.  Guess what … they lied! She did represent Obama.
Snopes, Soros and the Supreme Court’s Kagan.   Well now  I guess the time has come to check out Snopes!  Ya’ll don’t suppose it might not be a good time to take a second look at some of the stuff that got kicked in the ditch by Snopes, do ya?
We’ve known that it was owned by a lefty couple but hadn’t known it to be financed by Soros!
Snopes is heavily financed by George Soros, a big time supporter of Obama! In our search for the truth department, we find what I   have suspected on many occasions. Read More
I went to Snopes to check something about the dockets of the new Supreme Court Justice. Elena Kagan, who Obama appointed, and Snopes said the email was false and there were no such dockets. So I Googled the Supreme Court, typed in Obama-Kagan, and guess what? Yep, you got it; Snopes lied! Every one of those dockets are there.

Referencing the article about Elana Kagan and Barak Obama dockets:  
The information you have posted stating that there were no such cases as   claimed and the examples you gave are blatantly false. I went directly to the   Supreme Courts website, typed in Obama Kagan and immediately came up with all of the dockets that the article made reference to. I have long suspected that   you really slant things but this was really shocking. Thank You. I hope you   will be much more truthful in the future, but I doubt it.
That being said, I’ll bet you didn’t know this:
Kagan was representing Obama in ALL the petitions to prove his citizenship. Now she may help rule on them. Folks, this is really ugly.  Chicago Politics and the beat goes on and on and on. Once again the US Senate sold us out!
Now we know why Obama nominated Elana Kagan for the Supreme Court. Pull up the Supreme Courts website, go to the docket and search for Obama. She was the Solicitor General for all the suits against him filed with the Supreme Court to show proof of natural born citizenship. He owed her big time. All of the requests were denied of course. They were never heard. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper, doesn’t it? The American people mean nothing any longer.
It’s all about payback time for those who compromised themselves to elect someone who really has no true right to even be there.
Here are some websites of the Supreme Court Docket: You can look up some of these hearings and guess what?  Elana Kagan is the attorney representing Obama!
Check out these examples:

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  2. "W@hen the debate is lost, the loser turns to slander."--Socrates

  3. Further verification of what I had known about Snopes. Snopes has been and always will be an arm of the political left.

  4. "AnonymousSeptember 25, 2013 at 5:01 AM

    Bingo. this hack blog gets hit by the snopes and they suddenly feel the need to fire back. Don't bother... I didn't need snopes to figure out this blog is as crazy as a shithouse rat."

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