September 9, 2013


By Alan Ostrowsky


From the moment that I learned of the reported Sarin gas massacre in Syria, alarm bells of another false flag could not have rung any louder.
If the gas attack did occur it was orchestrated by the Saudis, or the Israeli and/or the United States military. Or else if it was just staged for the mainstream propaganda cameras – it would of again had the same protagonists behind the scenes.  
For those still new to the term false flag, here is a brief explanation.
The name“False Flag” (aka Black Flag) is derived from the military notion of flying false colours; that is: flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations have occurred in warfare, counter-insurgency operations and during peace-time. The country or organization devising and performing the false flag exercise also has a preconceived retaliatory response with an ultimate goal in mind.  These operations occur when a militarily strong Nation or Organization stages a controlled and very high profile military or terror attack on its own territory and interests. It then immediately blames it on a preconceived targeted  foreign power or entity, using it as an excuse to wage war.
Earlier on this year the Natural Response reported on a speech given by retired US general Wesley Clark. Our article was called “Seven Muslim countries in five years – the Zionists and the One world Government Agenda”. In actual fact it became 12 Muslim countries. And Syria is the second last on the Zionist/One World Government shopping list of destruction.   
You don’t have to be a seasoned political and military analyst to see the obvious clues and signs.

Why pick a fight with the biggest and

most powerful Bully on the block?

Why would a small middle eastern country suffering in the midst of a 29 month civil war, pick a fight with the world’s superpower.  (Don’t be fooled – America is the only superpower.)   12 months ago the US severely warned Syria on the serious ramifications of a chemical attack by Assad on his people.
Why would Syria ignore the threats from a country that spends 43% of the world’s expenditure on the military?  China and Russia combined spend only 10% of this worldwide figure.

Why do the dirty work for all to see?

Secondly, Syria presently has UN Chemical inspectors in the country. One would think that Syria would have done the dirty work, with as little chance of being caught out as possible.
Why do the dirty work for the entire world to see?  For the maximum effect of the false flag protagonists.  If the catastrophe did occur  (– we don’t even know if it really happened) – the sight of the dead and suffering children and the lined up adult corpses – will even get dear old auntie Mae in her glorious Miami Hills Retirement Village, searching around for the nearest person resembling a Muslim to punch out. Trust me she would have fantasies of parachuting into Syria with bayonet drawn.
There is nothing like the site of innocent children suffering at the hands of a villain to stir up the emotions of revenge. The One World Government used this to great effect with the Sandy Hook false flag shooting. Who can forget all of those terrified schoolchildren being lead out by their school teachers?
Yes once again it is the star spangled banner on speed. The world’s greatest trouble maker and killer since the Second World War, is on the rampage again. And the masses are asking for blood. “Please avenge the lose and suffering of those poor little children!”

An Investigation and Verdict speed that

even the Chinese Courts would envy

Does anybody find it remotely suspicious at the breakneck speed the US and UK are amassing their forces and armament around Syria? Even though initially the White house said that it will carefully look at all of the facts, to gain a complete clarification. And when the Assad regime gave the UN permission to inspect the sites – like a hormonal lead spoilt teenager, the US stamped it feet and said it was too late now!
The Chinese law courts are lambasted in the international community, as rather than being “innocent before proven guilty”. You have your 25 year plus cell ticket preassigned with any reduction dependent upon your bribery ability.

So why the breakneck speed?

So why the breakneck speed? Does the US have information, that Syria is planning to launch a preemptive military strike, on downtown Washington. Or does Obama and his White house buddies have a previous engagement at Bohemian Grove?
The reality behind this speed of action by the US and the other puppet states is clear deception. They wish to limit the time critics will have to analyse the true facts. You see they don’t want another Iraq situation, where they were found out with “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lies. For the longer something is held up for scrutiny, the better can opponents or neutral parties assess the truth.
So we have Obama doing the rounds. Spreading all of his lies to Canada, France, Germany, Australia and a list of others. And his co-partner across the Atlantic UK Prime Minister David Cameron canvassing the French, the Germans and the other European lackies.
Various Heads of States are standing up in front of their country swearing that Syria is 100% guilty and must be punished. David Cameron will be presenting a token resolution to the UN to agree to the bombing of Syria. Soon one of the many puppet states Australia will be heading the UN chair, so how handy is that. Kevin Rudd the present puppet Prime Minister of Australia categorically swore to the Australian public that the Assad regime were guilty as pie. Of course he based his statement on the gospel words of rockstar Barack Obama. Rudd was so sincere and adamant, that it was like he had just her the last words from his dying grandmother, on her deathbed.
With such conviction… you would have to wonder if Rudd used to hang out in the same Men’s Sauna clubs as Obama and Ricky Martin? Or is Rudd blind belief synonymous with the majority of the world leaders?
Of course China and Russia will veto a passing of the resolution. But this is all sounding very Libyan Déjà vu. And we all know what happened to Libya in 2011. Back then a similar token UN resolution failed but still the Americans, French and the Brits bombed the hell out of Libya.

Too late now!

Too late now! There was never a too late now scenario in the minds of the false flag protagonists. This was created for a pretext for war.
It is just another Tonkin Bay Vietnam, Pearl Harbour and 911. 
But the One World Government and it’s puppet state the United States of America, don’t just see each prisoner as a potential slave. They spend years fabricating  villainous profiles, based on maximizing the rewards many times over, once they punish and conquer the false boogieman . False flags are invented for projected slavery on mass.
How the American people and the other participating puppet governments, such as the UK, France and Australia can justify this attack and invasion on a sovereign country is mind boggling, yet not mind boggling. The level of indoctrination of the people of the United States receive is astounding. The right to attack or invade a sovereign if it is the best interests, always wins the debate in the White house. And if Obama doesn’t get his way he can simply throw a tantrum and do it anyway.

And for those not tainted by the American and One World Government propaganda machine, the Syrian civil war is just the next chapter. Syria is the second last piece of a very big puzzle, in the Zionists and One World Governments quest for total economic and political domination of the Middle East.
It is not inconceivable to believe that the Americans, the Syrian rebels and definitely the Israelis would flinch at the requirement of sacrificing the lives of hundreds of Syrian children. We saw what they could do at 911 and the Palestinian people experience torment on a daily basis.
Will the bombing of Syria  occur soon or will their claims be derailed by the truth? Either way the US has shown it’s hand. And will now look at anyway to launch an attack on Syria.
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