All the biggest names in the food business use GMO. All of them! Together these eight companies make up more than 90% of food product inside grocery retailers! This is an absolutely staggering number and the worst part is that most of the organic food brands are owned by the same companies.

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I repeat, all of the above companies use genetically modified ingredients in their foods. Now if you look at the acquisitions of organic processorswhich occurred between December, 1997 when the draft USDA standard was released, and its full implementation in October, 2002, you'll find that more than 75% of them own organic brands, but few companies identify these ownership ties on product labels. 

Heinz acquired a 19.5% stake in Hain Celestial in 1999 while also transferring ownership of their Earth's Best brand.

Most remaining independent organic processors have resisted substantial buyout offers (typically 2 times annual sales), but that doesn't mean they won't cave in the future. 

Is it not time to ban the brands which lobby against GMO labeling and consistently use these ingredients in their foods?

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  1. I agree but whats left to eat after that? Im on food stamps and how many organic stores take them?

    1. I have been able to use them to get organic items myself.

  2. That is nuts, I can't believe that a person wouldn't be allowed to buy normal regular plain old (organic food) with food stamps. Something is terribly wrong.

  3. Why is A&W listed under both Kraft and Pepsi?

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