Around 200,000 evangelical Christians went to the streets last weekend to join in on Brazil’s largest religious gathering, “March for Jesus.” The annual event that takes place throughout the whole country happened in Goiania city, the capital of Goias state, central part of the country.

March for Jesus, which is organized by evangelical churches, featured speeches from well-known pastors, political figures, and gospel singers from various parts of the country.
One of the thousands on hand to support the event was Silas Malafaia, a popular pastor known for his public remarks on polemic social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.
“The goal of the event is to bless the city and the state through the person of Jesus Christ. Because He is the supreme model for us to follow,” Malafaia told the multitude of believers.
Many participants of the event made their presence despite several difficulties. A student in a wheel chair said: “We don't lack faith, because we have to serve Jesus above all,” said Jessica Oliveira, according to G1 publication.

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