With the patent for the very popular artificial sweetener aspartame recently being released to the public domain comes the bizarre news that it is actually “harvested” from the excrement of GM E. coli bacteria. Wait, what? What are we drinking when we decide to gulp down a soda that’s been sweetened with “artificial sweetener”? Yeah. You heard right. E. coli poop. Pretty awesome, huh?
Patent for Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Verifies it is E. Coli Feces

Apparently the E. coli are grown in tanks and, as they defecate, their fecal matter is harvested because it contains aspartic acid-phenylalanine amino acid –the protein needed to make the aspartame. These fecal proteins are then treated with methanol to produce the artificial sweetener.

Did you get that, Gnarly patriots? Something innocuously labeled “artificial sweetener” on the back of that soda (or something else) is actually poop from a deadly bacteria. Oh wait, excuse me, poop that’s been treated with methanol. Awesome. Thanks, Monsanto.

Pop quiz: Who doesn’t use artificial sweeteners in any of their products? That’s right, my little urchins of health and common sense, Gnarly doesn’t.


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  1. WE ALL KNEW THIS WAS TOXIC POISON FOR OUR BODY..NOW WE KNOW WHY! This is insane that a company should be allowed to produce such poison and that we should be offered it as food to eat. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people will put such things into their body.

  2. you know, most gum, even the sugared stuff has aspartame in it AND sugar. so does hawaiian punch. make sure to check your ingredients.

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