Just weeks after Russia granted former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden asylum, his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena says his client was offered a job as technical support for a Russian website.
Snowden was made a pariah in the U.S. after he revealed information uncovering a mass surveillance scheme at the National Security Agency which included mined phone and internet data from thousands of people and exposed programs to the media.

Snowden faces espionage and theft of government property charges in the U.S. and Obama has since given Russia the cold shoulder including his cancellation of a visit to Moscow in September that was believed to be “Snowden-related”.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected U.S. demands to send Snowden home for trial, and his asylum was granted in August and can be renewed annually.

Since the revelations, media has treated Snowden as a both a whistleblower and a security threat, saying that while his leaks ‘outed’ the NSA’s scandalous spying, they also harmed national security.
Kucherena informed CNN Thursday that Snowden will start his job Friday. While Kucherena would not give the name of Snowden’s new employer for security reasons, he did say that his client would perform maintenance for a major Russian website, according to RIA Novosti.

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