When people talk about the Crown, they often believe that they’re referring to the British monarchy. But contrary to popular belief The Crown and the British monarchy are two different entities, the Crown is in fact a privately owned corporation, it operates outside the realms of the British legal system and controls the inner City Of London. The City Of London is often referred to as the square mile, It is currently recognised as the financial capital of the world and is the wealthiest square mile on the planet.
With its own independent flag, laws & legislations, and its own privately owned police force, The Crown is an authority unto itself, it is a self-governing body, therefore, no government or governmental agency holds jurisdiction over The Crown or the inner city of london.

City Of London Displaying It’s Flag
The City Of London isn’t officially recognised as a part of Britain. It is, instead, an independent nation-state operating within Britain. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when king William the third of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the banking fraternities.
Anna Milton, a contributor for the Guardian newspaper writes that..
‘These are not democratic spaces. Instead rules and regulations are enforced by uniformed private security and round-the-clock surveillance. A host of seemingly innocuous activities such as cycling, rollerblading and even eating in some places are forbidden.’
To further understand this concept it’s essential to understand that the British empire has been broken up into two interlocking factions. One being the Commonwealth realm, which is directed by the Queen as head of state, for which she appoints a Prime Minister, and the other being the Crown territorywhich is directed by the Lord Mayor on behalf of the Crown Corporation of London.

Dragons Represent The Boundaries Of The City
Subsequently when the Queen wishes to enter the City Of London, she is required to seek permission from the Lord Mayer, Likewise the Lord Mayer has to seek permission from the Queen to enter Greater London. This ceremonial process takes place at Temple bar, which is symbolically recognised as the gate of the city. 
The city of London is literally controlled by an offshore corporation. This model has been used to control much of the world by the invisible British empire. No doubt the role of the monarchy and the Crown go hand in hand. The commonwealth appear to control countries such as Canada and Australia, expanding the power of the British empire, through the armed forces and the expansion of its legal system throughout the world. Whereas the Crown appears to own small islands like Gibraltar, The Island of Jersey and the Cavan Islands, often claimed as   Crown Territories and used for offshore banking for the banking fraternities and elite families of Britain, including the monarchy.
Behind the monarchy has been an invisible corporation allowed to expand its power and influence across the world behind the guise of the crown. As the Monarchy expands empire the Crown expands behind the scenes commerce.
It’s no surprise that the square mile of the city turns over approximately £100,000 GDP a year as opposed to the whole of the UK which turns over just half of those figures.
I draw the conclusion that the British empire, behind the scenes is still very much in a state of fluctuation today.

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