Zeitgeist Exposed 1/2: Fresco, Joseph & the AntiChristian Conspiracy Movement
The Zeitgiest film series is an artsy pseudo-documentary series exploring the steps worldwide towards global governance. They cover the fractional reserve fraud, and federal reserve scam, the 9/11 attacks as part of a bigger agenda as well a brief exposé of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commision, and Bilderberg Group. However the main agenda with these films is actually to cause people to lump Christianity in with the conspiracists, debunk the existence of Jesus and promote a New Age spirituality, a la HP Blavatsky. I did some digging on the people behind this movement, as I was once partly suckered by it myself, before I was saved by Jesus Christ. This part focuses on the public figurehead behind the films and movement. I originally posted it on my website.

“In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it.”

Ernst Fischer, communist and author of “How to read Karl Marx”

Seems like an unusual quote Peter Joseph picked to open the new Zeitgeist film. If I was the leader of a movement I’d probably pick a quote that underlined our entire philosophy on life, from a well known figure, whose beliefs reflect ours as much as possible. What if Peter Joseph has done just that, and they are really calling for a communist world, united together under a Technocratic control grid? One World Order, if you will.

There is a lot of hype online about Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, more than any documentary, purportedly coming from the truth movement. I completely agree that we need to eventually move away from money, and with some of their anti-statist sentiment. But their “solution”, the Venus Project is not a real solution, it is communism re-packaged to rope in the 21st century truth seeker. They are putting the cart before the horse, in thinking that if we implement this system then we win and the elites and ruling classes of the world will just leave us alone in our super cities that robots build for us. (Thanks robots, hope you don’t break down like all human technology). The monetary system isn’t the problem, that’s like blaming guns for killing people. People kill people with their tools, be it guns or knives. People enslave people through their tools, be it chains, or money, or a machine world. Do you really think the “owners” of this planet and workforce are just gonna let this happen. Such nonsense. Even if it had a chance at the start, it is certainly infiltrated now.

The idea, though it is not new, (but is packaged in hypnotising emotional propaganda movies) sounds lovely. Lets give up our power to machines. In one generation we lose every skill we ever had at managing the earth, growing food, existing as a family unit, forget how to exercise, work at anything and become so dependant on the system that should an error occur the engineers become the new elite, the rulers of the technocratic communist sci-fi dystopia.

The Zeitgeist Movement’s leader, Peter Joe Merola, former stock trader turned false new age messiah couldn’t even render the film effectively for its release on the 25th of January. It was the 26th in some parts of the world by the time they did.

“That’s okay”, the Zeitgeist non-movement might say, “Jacque Fresco will design and build it!”

Ah Fresco, the 94 year old, soon-to-be-dead-and-succeeded,inventor-who-never-invented-anything, the “We’re-not-a-cult”-cult-leader, who lives in dome-houses drawing pictures of bubble cars and faking philosophy he stole from Herbert Marcuse. Maybe I don’t give him enough credit. That’s not all he does these days, according to Jacques’ former prized disciple turned significantly-younger-than-him-bit-on-the-side Roxanne Meadows. She contradicted herself last year when in one breath she was denying he had met with the UN, then when pressured by someone with the proof, admitted the Venus Project “are in contact with some people at the UN, but it hasn’t been announced”

Meadows admits that Fresco spoke at the 10th anniversary of the UN’s Earth charter last year and subsequently attended Mikael Gorbachevs congress, which you will find on hidden away in the Netherlands section. Hell even if for some reason you think rubbing shoulders with those mid level elites is okay, what about frescos co-speaker Ervin Laszlo, (who he “spent time with”) who FOUNDED the Club of Budapest, with Aurelio Peccei, founder of the CLUB OF ROME, full of lovely illuminati globalists, who want a one world order, unified, worshipping the earth, under a new age religion. What about him being invited to dinner in the Dutch queen’s palace? As in Queen Beatrix…. of Bilderberg.

Fresco, former member of the Communist party, wrote a book with Ken Keyes a while back. You don’t just write a book with someone you barely know, so I might go so far as to say his good friend and colleague Keyes wrote a charming book called Planethood, go look it up. The book speaks not only of how the UN will fix the planet, but how they will install a One World Government “for the earth” Um, no thanks, what about the people? Or does Skynet just see us as more resources in the resource management program?

Movies exposing the new world order don’t generally get on tv, or the news. the Venus Mantrap has been on Bilderberger’sFfox news. Zeitgeist won many Film Fesitval awards, even though a brief overview of the first half hour of the film has more holes than a cheap hookers fishnets and a five year old could tell you that nearly all his claims about Krishna for example are made up. Zeitgeist also premiered at Artivist film festival who are on the UN’s sustainable development agenda 21 vibe and receive public endorsement from the UN.

It gets more absurd when you start checking the people PJ Merola seems to think are reputable sources. He’s either a liar and a great deceiver, or a broke *** former stock trader who doesn’t check his references. At best, he is a terrible researcher.

Some parts of Zeitgeist are very good, but nobody would listen if he talked 100% BS. In his first film, he discusses the NWO elites and 911 as a false flag terrorist attack by these very same elites. He is dead right on these topics, but he has since distanced himself from those facts, claiming that the massacre of thousands of innocent people is irrelevant now and we shouldn’t waste our time on conspiracy theories. So he’s moved away from the good parts of his films, and his Venus project is a nothing more than a communist mousetrap. That leaves his attempted destruction of the idea of Jesus even having walked on the Earth, discarding things he had no time for, like “facts” “evidence”, “reason” and “time” for wild theories with no basis in reality, distortions of etymology, and a penchant for third hand sources supposedly “channelled” by ascended masters and people claiming to be doing work for the aliens they met. I am not arguing here for the divinity or non-divinity of Jesus, but just for the well known fact that he walked this earth, had 12 disciples and was crucified under Pontius Pilate around 2 millennia ago. Instead, PJ in Zeitgeist for some reason attempts to deceive the viewer into believing that Jesus was a mythical pagan sun god, and he was Krishna and Horus and all this other nonsensical gibberish that would appeal to college students with no time to research it, looking for a reason to discredit Christianity in a typical act of rebellion.

Well as it turns out Peter “Joseph” Merola was wrong. Horrifically wrong. So wrong in fact that some debunkers had trouble getting serious replies from Egyptologists and even atheist professors of theology, as they thought nobody with an hour to spare for some light reading on the topic could possibly take the film seriously.

Most of Zeitgeist’s “research” on Christianity, on religion in general is an insult to the viewers intelligence, as even minor research will tell you that neither Krishna nor Horus were crucified, and that neither was a child teacher or born of a virgin. In fact a good 88% of the claims made about Jesus and the bible are easily disproved with NON biblical sources. He doesn’t back up a lot of his claims, hoping you’ll take his word for it. He does list some third-hand sources though, who in turn don’t list their sources as they pulled them out of the ether and made them up in an attempt to discredit Christianity as they are all OPPOSED to Christianity. (I’m okay with people practising whatever religion they want as long as they don’t hurt or deceive others, and even if you don’t agree with Christianity, this is not the argument here)

You may have heard the phrase pulling nonsense out of the ether, and that’s exactly what Zeitgeist’s main source did. She goes by Acharaya S, and that is what she is referred to in the Zeitgeist reference section, even though her name is Dorothy Murdock. Acharaya S. is the name of the supposed ascended master she claims to be channelling, where she gets much of her information. Not the most reliable source.

Another “source” is “Jordan Maxwell”, real name Russell Pine, another Christian basher who has had his arguments ripped apart on radio by Bill Cooper (who exposed this entire new age agenda years ago). Maxwell pulls his name directly from a Madam Blavatasky (33rd degree Freemason and Satanist) book; Isis Unveiled 2. He claims to have encountered aliens who gave him a mission here on earth to carry out, (his own words) and part of that is helping eradicate Christianity apparently.

The third main source for Zeitgeist, (these are getting more and more dodgy) is self professed, self taught “Egyptologist”, (that’s like me or you claiming to be an Egyptologist) and practising druid, Gerard Massey. Some of his insane claims have been submitted to the highest academic circles on the topic and he has come up short. In fact he is not known amongst these circles and his book cannot be found in the factual section of any library as it is the fringe writings of a deluded druid, and contains no basis in fact, as does ANY of Zeitgeist’s first part. in fact theres$1000 going if you can prove any of the claims made in the first part of Zeitgeist.

The Theosophical Society are a Satanic Freemasonic Organization, set up by HP Blavatsky, a 33rd degree freemason. Peter Joseph is peddling the same spiritual notions that the Theosophical society’s Alice Bailey said they would push on us. Peter Joseph has vehemently denied any connection to Theosophical teachings; even though he is pushing the exact same teachings they want us to believe.

From HP Blavatsky’s The Key to Theosophy

Q. What are the objects of the “Theosophical Society”?
1. To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, color, or creed.
2. To promote the study of Aryan and other Scriptures, of the World’s religions and sciences, and to vindicate the importance of old Asiatic literature, namely, of the Brahmanical, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian philosophies.
3. To investigate the hidden mysteries of Nature under every aspect possible, and the psychic and spiritual powers latent in man especially.
Q. The Theosophical Society is not, then, a political organization?
A. Certainly not. It is international in the highest sense in that its members comprise men and women of all races, creeds, and forms of thought, who work together for one object, the improvement of humanity; but as a society it takes absolutely no part in any national or party politics.
From PJ Merola’s Zeitgeist: Orientation Presentation (Logan’s run, anyone?)

The Zeitgeist movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize divisionary notions such as nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Rather, we see the world as one organism – with the human species as a singular family. Simultaneously we acknowledge that we depend entirely on our environment, not only in regard to the necessities of life such as food, air and water; but also for influence and guidance in regard to life’s processes. We recognize and understand that aligning ourselves with natural processes is the most progressive and productive disposition we can have.

Everything sounds good on paper. Communism sounds good on paper. So does Democracy. Freedom does not come packaged like this, in a neat little box. Freedom will be a struggle, and when it emerges it will manifest in a thousand different systems that work for different people across the world. What works for me and my friends may not work for you, or your community. However neither of our systems will be mandatory and neither will it destroy the earth so they can exist side by side. If the Venus Project is implemented, which it never will be, what happens if we want to live in an area the machines deem full of important resources? Starting to sound like the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave (New World)”
From Anon2allofus’s channel, verified.

The Venus Project is a for profit business primarily. Secondary it is a charity taking donations for the sole aim of paying for its marketing/products and publications. This is stated on the Venus project’s website store page. Its members claim Jacque and Roxanne need to survive yet they have survived for 35 years without any members of the Zeitgeist movement. Now they are a fully functional and profiting business with all the new marketing and promoting tools available at their disposal.

Its business functions are to advertise/market research/promote/create publications, and carry out research in areas that benefit its members. This is categorically stated in their business codes. Its members are Jacque & Roxanne. The Zeitgeist membership is its market and advertising agent at the same time and they are also valuable statistical research. They are the people who its publications are aimed at selling to in order to benefit the company’s members, Jacque and Roxanne.

Instead of giving these guys any energy, instead of promoting their propaganda and vision of a lazy uneducated world, lets get off our asses, and get free. Make friends with your neighbours, start on some community projects together, get growing organic produce on permaculture land. Let’s work on free energy technology we KNOW can benefit the world and continue to regain our freedom and become completely self-dependant. In fairness, we don’t need more stuff, and we don’t need dome houses. We can build incredible, self sustainable houses out of tyres and rubbish! I refuse to give my power away to a system that we don’t need, no matter how tempting it looks, how about you?
Zeitgeist Exposed


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