While children are being punished for praying over their afternoon meals, a new Common Core Curriculum is teaching your children that President Obama is the Messiah.
A presenter for the Common Core national standards, Sherece Bennett, created a plan to teach this lesson to children. The lesson is based on a book by an author named Nikki Grimes called “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope“.
Kyle Olson looked over the lesson and reported his findings to WND.
Kyle Olson reported the plan on his Education Action Group website, commenting that it casts Obama “in a messianic light. Literally.”
In one passage, Olson points out, a young Obama sees beggars and wonders, “Will I ever be able to help people like these?’”
“Hope hung deep inside of him,” the book says.
Olson quotes another section: “Before dawn each morning, Barry rose – his mother’s voice driving him from dream land. ‘Time for learning English grammar and the Golden Rule. Be honest, be kind, be fair,’ she taught him.”
The lesson even uses biblical references to describe Obama, explaining how he changed his name from Barry.
“One morning, he slipped on the name he’d been born with. The name of his father, Barack. For the first time in his life, he wore it proudly – like a coat of many colors.”
According to Olson, the mentioning of the “coat of many colors is an Obama-inspired Biblical reference in a government school.” The portrayal of Obama as messiah is a “mythical interpretation of Obama,” designed for elementary aged children. ~WND
Olson is right in that aspect. According to bible scholars, pastors, clergy, and theologians, the “coat of many colors” refers to an old testament hero. It was given to the biblical character before he was betrayed and beat up by his brothers, and then he was sold into slavery where he became a leader of his people.
This is not the first time that the liberal media and individuals have tried to make a religion out of President Obama worship, but it is the first time that it has been used to indoctrinate our children this blatantly.
In 2010, Newsweek depicted President Obama as a Hindu Goddess entitled God Of All Things.
Professor Barbara Thompson of Florida A&M  writes a blog asking Is Barack Obama The Messiah? She also wrote the book The Gospel According To Apostle Barack. She is completely convinced that Obama is the Second Coming.
Who can forget Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Awards?
There is a Dutch newspaper with the editorial, “Obama is, of course, greater then Jesus
There was Obama 3:16 sold on t-shirts at the Democratic National Convention with the saying, “For God so loved the world, he gave us Barack Obama“.
There is also the cult of Obama with over 45,000 faithful members that worship him as the Messiah.
Everything about his legislation screams for the destruction of Christianity and its values, from the assault of Christians in the military, birth control mandates, and calling for punishing those that insult Islam. He is even for forcing churches and companies to cater to same sex unions that is against their beliefs.
Denying the first amendment rights of our children while indoctrinating them in the faith of Obama is a direct violation of the Constitution. However, according to the Common Core standards, you can feel free to worship the false prophet, just don’t pray to God over your lunch or send the child to school with a bible.

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  1. You addressed the usurper as "President", that always leaves me wondering if the author is still ignorant of the fact that Obama, or whatever his Real name is, has usurped the "Office of the President", or if the author is helping to promote the lie....



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