“The pioneers of a warless world are the youth that
refuse military service.”
- Albert Einstein
A great example of the censorship of truth in the mainstream media is the story of the thousands of US Soldiers who have woken up and are now actively protesting war.

These media blackouts are to be expected considering that people look up to and respect our military veterans.  When they speak, people listen, and the last thing a ruling dictatorship wants is for the people to hear the truth about war first hand from those who have served on the front lines of unjust and unwarranted combat.  This article lets you take the power back by sharing it with your friends & family on social networking sites and all around the web.
On February 20th, 2012 hundreds of Veterans and Military marched on the white house.  They were marching for Ron Paul, who is against all wars, and in his platform openly expresses his disdain for war and the immediacy of bringing the troops home to America.  And was this on the American news?  Absolutely not.
In addition to this Military march of current and veteran soldiers, we have literally thousands of veterans who have formed an organization to protest war, and to expose the truth about what goes on in these so called ‘wars’.  The group is called Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and it’s subscription of enlightened veterans – already in the thousands – is increasing everyday.
Below is an original film by, and in it you’ll see first hand testimony from some of the soldiers who actively participate in war resistance, and have some eye-opening stories to share of their experiences at war.  Below the video I have transcribed some of the quotes from the film.

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  1. It's a back-stabbing crime what our congress and the rest of the government is doing to our military.

  2. IVAW - full of people who are REJECTS. Check out the back ground of it's top people.



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