One night in early February 2013, at a meeting of friends, José Manuel Mireles Valverde, GP at the Clinic Health at Tepalcatepec , Michoacan, alarmed by the increasing cases of children abducted and raped by the Knights Templar cartel in town, discussed the matter with a rancher, his primary school friend.. 

Mireles , the moral leader of the General Council and Community Self-Defense Forces of Michoacán , with a presence in 22  municipalities of the state, Mireles told the rancher that the narcos  wanted to take her 15 year old goddaughter, and as they could not, kidnapped her cousin. The businessman said that the cartel also intimidated his daughter and other ranchers . The discussion was opened to the rest of the guests and made accountable for how 25 thousand inhabitants of the municipality could face 90 heavily armed drug traffickers who had them in check mate.

The 56 year old doctor looked at one of his friends, he raised his booming voice, leaned back slightly rebellious his gray hair and accentuated its said shaking his long arm. -What for you want 25 thousand !?  Here we have two hunting clubs and we are all excellent  shooters ! I've seen you throw a goat running at 400 meters! -No, but throwing a person is different! 'He replied rebuked . -No buddy is easy! Is larger and walks slower! Let's arm ourselves! - urged . Mireles told me that the story occurred three months before , and finished : "So we started ! Really ! So we started " . Two weeks later, on February 24, 2013 , Mireles , a group of ranchers from Tepalcatepec , lemon entrepreneurs and laborers of Buenavista , rose with high caliber guns, sporting guns, machetes and sticks, to take two countys. They did what no one thought possible : they expelled the Templars . Almost a year later, the rebellion spread to eight cities over Tierra Caliente, and is a benchmark of a dozen civil guards and community policemen emerged during 2013 in the rest of the state . FROM DOCTOR TO ARMY LEADER . Mireles never goes unnoticed . First, for its size , measuring 1.90 (6'2") tall. Second, by its emphatic and carefree character. Third, because almost always wears short medical gown . He worked for the Ministry of Health for 25 years and receives a biweekly pay eight thousand pesos ( about $670 USD) . It has a modest position in the Tepalcatepec Health Clinic , where he  works daily.
Autodefensa board leader Jose Manuel Mireles and militia members.

 It was in his office where it finished gestate the rage against the cartel who kidnapped , stripped from their possesions and executed family members and acquaintances . The impetus for it came up during the last quarter of 2012: He attended  40 pregnant girls raped by the Templar . " Their ages were between 11 to 14 years old, the oldest was 14 years," he says . " In September, October and November were 26 girls from the ranchs . So as I say . " The doctor was president of the Society of Parents of high school, because one of his daughters was attending this school . He learned how organized crime was around campus , cajoled girls , others were kidnapped and breaking into classrooms to choose which to take . The meeting with friends in which the case was discussed , sprang his rebel side. However, states that self-defense to be created , fostered the creation of a committee to which parents, farmers , businessmen and professionals were integrated .

NOT ONE STEP BACKWARD . On May 21 , the Michoacan revolutionary mustache , about to get into his black van with logos of the Red Cross , said: " Look, I come well armed ." He opened the trunk and showed doctors and medicine kits . The same day came to Tierra Caliente 6000 federal troops to disarm the paramilitaries , so in Coalcomán , newly added , and outspoken criticism of thousands march in protest were performed . At that time, Mireles finished his day at the health center, slept a little, and spent part of the night making trips between the 60 monitoring points having the civil guard outspoken criticism because attempts nighttime raid of crime organized .

 Six months later, the monitoring points were reduced from 60 to 10. But the expansion of self-defense in the region and the projection of the figure , now carried a gun for safekeeping . Not before, not now he has an escort. He details that had not or owns an ambulance and sufficient to take care of the wounded self-defenses and was unable to take them to the nearest town , Apatzingán , considered the stronghold of the Templars infrastructure.

Jose Manuel Mireles now fears for his life, to leave state.   

He’ll leave the state for at least two months as he recuperates from injuries suffered in a plane crash on Jan. 4. Reforma reports that from a house in Mexico City, Mireles told reporters, “My life is in danger and I just left intensive therapy. I made the personal decision to look for a place where I could finish my period of rehabilitation, as my multiple facial fractures, seven fractured ribs and two cervical vertebrae weren’t going to allow me to have any peace, considering the fear I’m living in right now.”

University Militia Photos Edition SINAPSIS Dr. Parnassus

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