An astonishing video posted to YouTube shows what seems to be a clear-cut case of multiple Sandy Hook victims appearing alive after the alleged tragedy.

Anyone that has already taken an objective look into the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, deeper than the mainstream media was willing to go, knows of the major questions that have yet to be answered.
Not only was it discovered, for instance, that an impossibly coincidental government school shooting drill had been scheduled for the same day and time and right down the road from Sandy Hook ElementarySchool, the media used scenes from the drill that was taking place as if they were scenes from the shooting tragedy itself. Leaving many to wonder whether or not the tragedy was actually part of the government drill instead, used to attempt implementing unpopular gun control measures.
One of the surviving children, during an interview with Dr. Oz only days later, even mentions they were "having a drill."
Likely similar to the drills that just so happened to have been taking place at the same time and location as the9/11 terror attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing, the 7/7 London Bombing, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion, the Aurora theater shootings and many other high profile tragedies that have taken place over the last decade, or so.
To make matters worse, first responders to Sandy Hook Elementary School were seen on helicopter camera chasing multiple camouflaged men into the woods as they arrived. One of those individuals saying, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it," as he was led back toward the school while being taken into custody.
On top of the fact that it was confirmed the death certificate of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, had been issued one day prior to the tragedy and in a different state altogether.
Circumstances, among many other unanswered questions surrounding the situation, that are taking much of the guesswork out of the real reason why a judge keeps delaying the release of the 911 emergency audio and why footage from the brand-new security and the camera system that was supposed to have been installed at the elementary school, just weeks prior to the tragedy, still has yet to be shown to the public. Unlike the footage everyone was allowed to see from the Columbine High School shooting massacre that took place in Littleton, CO, back in 1999.
Releasing a little bit of video showing Adam Lanza shooting his way into the school from outside, or Lanza walking down the hallways inside the school with guns drawn, would make a lot of these questions go away. A seemingly impossible request of an extremely secretive US government, considering we still have yet to see footage from any one of the multiple cameras stationed around the Pentagon, or the immediate area, that would give a clear view of what it was that struck the Pentagon on 9/11.
But not only is the government likely never going to answer any of the startling questions that remain about the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, for reasons that are starting to become more and more obvious, the real bombshell may have just taken place with the release of a video by an Internet video journalist that may blow the Sandy Hook school shooting conspiracy wide open.
The video, uploaded to the LogicBeforeAuthority channel on YouTube, looks to have discovered at least some of the alleged victims, out of the 20 children that were supposed to have been killed inside the school on December 14, 2012, still alive and singing with the Sandy Hook choir at the Super Bowl a couple months later.
Although many who watch the video may disagree with the comparison analysis of some of the children singing at the 2013 Super Bowl, with pictures that were released of the alleged victims after the alleged tragedy, some of the comparisons look to be a perfect match. Which is guaranteed to raise even more questions than there were already.
Take a look for yourself. View the slideshow and see the video at the top/left of the page.
See an even more compelling video analyzing the same situation.

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  1. obamas false flag gun grab attempt !!!!

  2. not dumb ,, your blinded by your own patriotism ,, and its not a prez. pulling these jobs off. ppl blaim him for drones too . but it takes many more years of research and development to implement such a system. proving it was set in to play by some1 else a long wile ago.. ensuring plausible deniability .. otherwise we'd still be stuck in the 60s because no one can agree on sht in this country. we are well passed the point where presidents call the shots.. or even hear them for that matter.. so yes it is very possible however unlikely it may be. facts can be fudged ,,."motive" is all the state needs to lock "you" up tho. no proof,. no body,, no weapon,. why not them ..



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