The radio frequency radiation being transmitted from your wireless router or modem is extremely toxic and detrimental to your health.

This video provides a simple, yet profound lesson.
Notice how high the measurements are on the RF meter! Most of us are living and working in this type of RF radiation exposure every single day and night. The fix, or remediation is simple. Plug your modem or router into your computer using an Ethernet connection (hardwire), and "disable" the wireless function on your modem or router. This is very important for the health and safety of all those in your home or office. If you need to use the wireless function, then turn it on for a short time, do your task or watch your movie, then disable it once again. Never leave your wireless internet on all night as it will cause sleep disturbances which lead to even worse health issues. The fix is simple! Ethernet cord and disable the wireless function. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I was able to turn my wi-fi on and off.

  2. you people are fucking idiots

  3. As an RF technician I can tell you that RF certainly is dangerous. Close proximity to an antenna radiating a high wattage transmission will burn you physically. Lesser power and more distance obviously lessens the effect, but I believe that there is a slight negative effect, possibly cumulative. For many years I've been sleeping with the Wifi turned on; I never turned it off. About a week ago I started turning it off during the night, and since then my sleep is deeper, with more lucid dreaming.

  4. more lucid dreams? So I will turn out Wifi Too during night :D



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