Like something from a science-fiction flick, the Pentagon is looking to develop a brain chip for use in soldiers that, if implanted, can recover lost memory should a brain injury occur.
This “black box” chip would be implanted into one’s brain to possibly trigger memories surrounding a traumatic event, which may otherwise remain permanently lost, and overcome memory loss quickly and efficiently.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been charged with making this a reality. The solution DARPA and the Pentagon wants developed takes the form of an implantable device that can both record and stimulate brain activity. Anyone submitting a proposal for such a device needs to detail every step of how it would work, including the surgical procedure to attach it, power requirements once fitted, and how much space it would take up and how much it would weigh, according to
While memory loss is common in someone suffering brain damage, simple tasks such as remembering their one’s own name or how to dress one’s self are sometimes affected as well. DARPA hopes this chip will stimulate the brain to recover recent memories and recall information.
The implant might begin with soldier, however, it could extend to citizens in coming decades.

As to what such an implant would look like, the images included here show an existing brain implant developed by the University of Utah. It’s main purpose is to deliver signals from an external source directly into the brain for interpretation. Obviously DARPA’s implant will be much more complex, but will ultimately end up taking a similar form, reports.

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