The Illuminati billionaire George Soros predicts Terror Attack At Sochi?

Will we trust Illuminati Elite asshole or not you decide... 

In the video below Lee Ann McAdoo from the Alex Jones Channel discusses the latest dire warning/prediction from the International Crisis Group, which billionaire George Soros is a member of the Board of Trustees, regarding the probability of a terrorist attack at the Sochi Winter Olympics but she throws out a very good point about Soros and his ilk.

They hype this potential attack with the goal of creating the problem, then sweeping to “fix” it, all the while making money off the attack itself, much like Soros did after the underwear bomber was caught.

Via InfoWars:

The IGC, a non-government organization that supported the so-called “humanitarian intervention” in Kosovo, was founded by members of the internationalist Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the World Bank. It is funded by governments and corporate foundations. Its advisory board is dominated by Chevron, Shell and other transnational corporations.
George Soros, chairman of the Open Society Institute, sits on the IGC board of trustees. Soros has established foundations in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Russia and is directly implicated in funding pro-EU activists in Ukraine.

What we have to ask ourselves is who profits from an attack that not only hits Russia but every single country that participates in the Winter Olympics.

Follow the money and you get the answer.


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