Good evening my facebook friends. Tonight I have received two personal messages from my every day friends. Friends I have interacted with before. The message was different both times.
First message said, Did you see this pic of Mary?

Second message said, Do you know this person, she is loading some of your photo’s.
In both cases I was informed that my friends had already been hacked by clicking on the links, those links also have a active hyper link to take you to the person’s home page or profile.

DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE LINKS!!  Your personal info and friends list may be stolen. 
They are targeting Conservatives, Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalist, Libertarians, Anti Obama, Gun Owners, 2nd amendment rights, Anti Common Core, New World Order, Agenda 21…

Please send a warning to all your facebook friends.
Do Not Open Any personal Messages sent by your usual friends with active links in the message without contacting them first.
If you feel you have already been a victim, change your password ASAP.
If you or someone you know has had a similar experience, please share it in the comment section below. Together we can help one another.  
United We Stand!
Update: It is still happening this morning. The new message I received said: “If this is you, keep up the good work. This vid ROCKS.”

It looks like a campaign to wipe out as many accounts as possible.
I am sharing a link from Hoax Slayer that shows you many other FB scams that are frequent occurrences, beware of all these Facebook scams.
Internet scammers are increasingly using Facebook as a means of connecting with potential victims. Facebook has also become a very effective vehicle for the distribution of hoaxes, misinformation, scurrilous rumours and outright nonsense of all kinds. Conversely, Facebook can be a rapid way of distributing factual and worthwhile information such as computer security warnings. This page helps Facebook users sort out which is which by publishing links to Facebook related Hoax-Slayer articles.Much More Here
Here is a video that explains some of what I experienced in the last 24 hours. Beware and please share this information with your FB friends.

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