Why are Jews protesting by the hundreds of thousands on Rothschild Boulevard in upscale Tel Aviv? Why are Jews burning the flag of Israel. Why don't we see this on television? 

Because the media monopolies want you to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism! The protests are causing a problem for the mainstream propagandists. That's why they don't show them. The media monopolies falsely reported to the world that Iran's President Ahmadinejad“threatened to wipe Israel off the map". This was a gross mistranslation of a speech by the Iranian President who was commenting on the the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. He claims that Israel is occupying Palestine" illegitimately" and that Israel should not be considered a country on the world map. Traditional Torah Jews agree with him. Find out why!

ISRAEL WAS NOT ISRAEL UNTIL 1945 Before the second world war, Israel did not exist. From 70 AD to 1945, the land was called Palestine and it was the homeland of the Palestinian Muslims. Jews were a tiny minority. The World War II Holocaust led to the genocide and wholesale theft of the nation of Palestine by the Rothschild-led Zionists who renamed the land " Israel" in 1945. The Rothschild-led Zionists used the Holocaust and the NAZI movement to transfer thousands of European Jews into Palestine. History books are silent about the role the Zionists played in financing of the NAZI party and engineering the second world war. TRADITIONAL JEWS ARE NOT ZIONISTS Many Jewish groups teach that Judaism does not support the "forced" creation of a Jewish State of Israel and that true adherents of the Torah must wait for the coming of the Messiah before peacefully returning to their Holy Land. Here are some of their sites: (Neturei Karta) Although there are those who refuse to accept the teachings of our Rabbis and will continue to support the Zionist state, there are also many who are totally unaware of the history of Zionismand its contradiction to the beliefs of Torah-True Jews.

ZIONISM PROMOTES ANTI-SEMITISM Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause in creating a separate state for Jews. “We must, above all, make it an international political issue.” In his “Diaries”, page 19, Herzl stated “Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.” To maintain a Jewish majority in the state of "Israel", its leaders promote anti-Semitism throughout the world to "encourage" Jews to leave their homelands and seek "refuge". Anti-Semitic acts are on the rise across Europe and beyond.

As a custom in many Anti Zionist community's world wide, the Israeli flag is being burned on the Jewish holiday of Purim to protest the actions and existence of the Zionist state Of Israel. Israeli Zionist beliefs are contrary to traditional Jewish teaching and beliefs. Protests are a demonstration of opposition to the philosophy of Zionism and the State of Israel. Followers of the true Jewish faith believe a sectarian Jewish state is blasphemous and detrimental to the coming of the Jewish Messiah. God bless and save all the soldiers who've been hoodwinked - Jews, Muslims and Christians. Their inability to see the truth is not their fault and their intentions are honorable.

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  1. We need more information like this to come forward. God's true church will step out if their blinders are brought down. Love you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.



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