On the 20th of February, according to reports, more than twenty protesters were killed by professional snipers. This was not a spontaneous event resulting from clashes between protesters and riot police, nor was it marked by an exchange of gunfire between the police and the Neo-Nazi militia.
The sniper killings had the hallmarks of a carefully planned operation. They happened within ‘the space of a few hours”. Moreover, the killings coincided with the meetings of President Viktor Yanukovych with a high level EU delegation. In a bitter irony, these targeted killings were used as a pretext to topple the government and issue an arrest warrant directed against president Yanukovych

The following RT report confirms what is already known.  The US Sponsored opposition militia was behind the shooting of civilians on February 20th.

Civilian casualties were part of this staged agenda, with a view to accusing president Yanukovych of “mass murder”, thereby providing a justification for regime change on humanitarian grounds.
Read the Report of Russia Today. GR will be releasing additional reports on this issue
Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research,  March 5, 2014
The snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were allegedly hired by Maidan leaders, according to a leaked phone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister, which has emerged online.
“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Paet said during the conversation.
“I think we do want to investigate. I mean, I didn’t pick that up, that’s interesting. Gosh,” Ashton answered. 

The call took place after Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet visited Kiev on February 25 at the peak of clashes between the pro-EU protesters and security forces in the Ukrainian capital.
Paet also recalled his conversation with a doctor who treated those shot by snipers in Kiev. She said that both protesters and police were shot at by the same people.
“And second, what was quite disturbing, this same Olga [Bogomolets] told as well that all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides,” the Estonian FM stressed.
Ashton reacted to the information by saying: “Well, yeah…that’s, that’s terrible.”
“So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened,” Paet said.
The file was reportedly uploaded to the web by officers of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to ousted President Viktor Yanukovich who hacked Paet’s and Ashton’s phones.
Ukraine Yougo article

Order Out of Chaos: Gladio Snipers Behind Killings in Kyiv

In a leaked audio recording of a telephone call between Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign affairs boss Catherine Ashton, Paet told his counterpart leaders of the Euromaidan movement that would ultimately overthrow the government of Viktor Yanukovych were likely behind sniper killing last month.

The revelation was recorded an uploaded to the web by officers of Security Service of Ukraine loyal to Yanukovych who hacked the phone conversation, RT reports today.
“There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition,” Paet said.
“I think we do want to investigate,” Ashton said.
The EU has not announced an investigation and the media in the West is not reporting the story. Paet said the coup government in Kyiv has so far not expressed an interest in investigating the allegation that snipers targeted both protesters and police.
The Estonian Foreign Minister said the people of Ukraine do not trust the newly installed Euromaidan leaders. He also said opposition politicians set to govern the country have a “dirty past.”

NATO Gladio Operation in Ukraine

On Monday, researcher and journalist F. William Engdahl said a “secretive neo-nazi military organization reported linked to NATO played a decisive role in targeted sniper attacks and violence that led to the collapse of the elected government.”

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