Amid Drudge Report bumper-to-bumper headlines about Russia "all but invading Ukraine," Drudge Reporteditor, Joseph Curl, is laughing to keep from crying. It's time to "cue the laughter," wrote Curl, on Thursday, accusing President Obama of using the Putin crisis as cover for his trillion dollar tax hike proposal in his new budget.
News priorities don't necessarily mirror Drudge Report priorities. Media has produced scant details about Obama's budget proposal. From a USA Today report: Curl shared that Obama's new budget was stuffed "with 175 different revenue proposals" and "hundreds of billions in new spending."
Barack Obama has a laugh.

The laughable moment arrived when Curl compared the budget with the $ 6 trillion in new debt, an accomplishment which took Obama only two months into his second term to manage. Curl, who can do more than just type Drudge headlines, did the math and hit the "cue the laughter," button when the Drudge editor discovered Obama's plan is short "more than 800 billion."

According to Curl, if Americans blinked during coverage of the unfolding crisis with Russia, news about Obama's 2015 fiscal year federal budget probably flashed past them, unnoticed. Curl questioned whether that "miss" was by media design since there was no way Americans could overlook a headlong rush into what many media personalities appeared "to hope is World War III." Drudge editors, Matt Drudge, Joseph Curl, and Charlie Hurt spotlighted a running storyline of the updates of the Russian news on the Drudge Report.
Harvested information now available about the president's budget:
From the Drudge headlines of the “Happy Hour” Obama story to full Drudge coverage of the not-so-funny fact that former IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment, over and over again, Curl found the contemptuous chuckle. Curl pointed out the hilarity of noting if ever anyone was prepared to pop in and out of the "hot seat," it was she. He observed that Lerner "never even put her purse down," as she sat in the witness seat. That's the signal a woman doesn't plan on settling in for very long.

Although Curl managed to tie "laughter," to Obama a dozen times, he didn't set a record for redundancy this week. That record most likely belongs to Jeremy D. Larson. His article mentioned Justin Bieber's penis seventeen times.
Curl's conclusion was simple: "Mr. Obama has gone from lame duck to laughingstock in just a week. Cue the (Laughter)." However, the most satisfying laughing moment for all three Drudge Report editors must be when someone complains that the Drudge Report, able to leap the reach of mainstream media in a single page, isn't real journalism. While Matt Drudge smiles the proverbial "all the way to the bank" smile, Joseph Curl might say, "Cue: (for the last laugh.)"

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