Vladimir Putin, now in full control of Russia as Prime Minister, wishes to build a strong Christian nation. In a televised Christmas message on January 7 2008 Putin said:

— “The Russian Orthodox Church contributes to the promotion of moral values in society. One should not completely draw a line between the culture and the church. Of course by law in our country the church is separate from the state. But in the soul and the history of our people it’s all together. It always has been and always will be.”

Russia will make The United States reflect upon what they allowed Rothschild to do to their own country. So when you see protests against Vladimir now, keep in mind it is probably staged by The Rothschild’s trying to control Russia once again.

Putin Issues Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!!

Financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, Convicted Felon George Soros… Russian Intelligence has fingered Soros for using cross-collateralized compounded Swedish and Danish foreign currency derivatives for the purpose of an attack on the Russian stock market..

Soros’ use of these cross-collateralized compounded derivatives utilizing Luxembourg banks violates the terms of the Basil II European Union banking agreement.

The thing that should give pause to the Heads of State Western is like Putin did in freeing Russia from those who wanted to bring the total economic and social collapse and beat up in jail all those who have tried.

Are they influencing Lubawitschern Putin? The fact is that Putin is loyal to Russia and its people, and never allow anyone, even when he is in command in that nation, to sell out and to let his country into the clutches of the NWO. For this he ordered to issue an international arrest warrant against George Soros, who has been caught red-handed as he prepared to send financial aid to what is called opposition in Russia, which recently made the streets in dozens of thousands of people telling lies and misinformation-cheating during the elections.

Now Mr. Soros has little room to continue his dirty games with the speculation that has devastated the entire global financial system, in collaboration Rothschild / Rockefeller and other jackals.

Putin’s speech, which was officially issued by the Russian authorities.

Today it is made public the following statement by the Russian Federation and its Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, has been asked for an arrest warrant against the International Terrorist Finance, the Hungarian currency-Mogul George Soros, the Russian secret serviceshave found that Soros was using foreign currency derivatives with other Danes to start an attack against the Russian Currency Shares in the market.
Political Vel Craft In Russia’s Pravda: Obama The Chicken Is Being Plucked!
Convicted Felon George Soros 81 Offers Ex-Girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr 31 ~ $250K to Drop $50M Lawsuit.

It should be noted that Soros was using these derivatives with the help of Luxembourg banks, which is forbidden after the contract was made by the EU called Basel II.

Both the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and European Union have issued an Interpol “Red Notice” which is not only against the immediate arrest of Soros, but also against the Sharks on Finance, Bush, Clinton, criminal organization, Marc Rich and his firm, which is located in Switzerland, the Commodities Broker-Richfield, which is why the Russian Premier Putin has recently met the Chef of the Federal Reserve Bernanke Bermard making clear that the Russian Federation will not accept that such use is made of people like Soros and Rich to commit criminal acts of the derivatives market and Finance, which led to social destabilization across the globe.

Putin will be done and start the hunt for these criminals and their accomplices Bankers Rothschild, Rockefeller…


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  1. Is hard to get some informations in this world but is true this info we russians we are trying to keep the peace in this world but .... we are terorists ..... one thing is sure America killed milions of people in middle orient and northen Africa, they invade people homes because they instigate against the gouverment alot of people are killed and will be killed in FEMA camps in USA . They destroyed countries like Romanie, Grece, Argentine, Ukraine, Syria, Lybia and the list grows, USA soldiers killed parrents and let childrens alone in this world, jews that cooperate undercover destroyed the comunist gouvernement and killed milions of people and let fault against us, jewish thiefs that turn wars against our nations, better russians surrender in Hitler's order than to protect this jews that destroyed nations LOOK PEOPLE!!!! THEY DESTROYED PALESTINA!!! THEY MAKE WARS AGAINST RELIGIONS!!! THEY ARE SUSSPLYING TERORISTS!!! THEY MAKE OUR ASSAULT RIFLE THIEFS WEAPON WHY USA DIDN'T EXPORT THEYR WEAPONS? TO MAKE US FAULT DON'T LOOK AT TV BECAUSE IS FULL OF SHIT!!! RADIO TOO!!! NEWSPAPERS TOO!!! THEY PUT ANTI ROCKET SHIELDS THEY TURN OUR PEOPLE AGAINST US!!! PUTIN IS ALONE AGAINST HORDES!! IS NOT OUR FAULT IN NORTH KOREEA THEY DON't WANT TO GO IN DEMOCRACY BUT US WAS DO THIS!! IS OUR FAULT!! IS OUR PEOPLE FAULT WE WILL BE PUNISHED SOON BECAUSE WE WAS KIND AGAINST JEWS IN BOTH WARS!!! WE WILL ACCEPT THIS PUNISHEMENT OR WE WILL WENGEACE AGAINST THIS ANTICHRISTIANS PEOPLE THAT DESTROYED OUR RELIGIONS AND BURNED OUR CHURCHES AND DESTROYED OUR BOOKS IN URSS OCCUPIED COUTRIES !!!!! THE GOD BE WITH YOU ORTODOX PEOPLE AND CHRISTIANS AND THE TRUE TO COME OUT!!!!!

    1. I fully agree that America has created a lot of the problems that you have stated, but you have to understand that we are being prodded by the evil United Nations. These are the people that need to be eradicated from this earth. That way Countries can rule without being persuaded! As far as Israel goes, you are way off course, that land belonged to Israel long before Palestine settled it!

  2. We are on the wrong side of history and the deep, dark, scary truth is, for most of our short existence as a nation, we always have been.

  3. I agree with Russia 100 percent put those banksters in jail!

  4. fake story. boy you guys are easy to fool.



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