Make no mistake about it despite claims otherwise there was no vanishing act of a Malaysian Airlines jumbo jet, a 777, which occurred on March 8, 2014. People are well aware of the power of satellites in tracking such a large vehicle. There is no way it could simply vanish in thin air. There are no vortexes on the planet earth which would absorb it. Nor is there a Bermuda Triangle effect in that area. Nor could it land unrecognized in a remote area or a “jungle” landing strip.

Nor did a pilot or any other commandeer the controls and dive the plane into a crash, smashing it into oblivion.

Does anyone realize how ludicrous are such claims? Yet, they are being made routinely throughout the Zionist-controlled media. In fact, with such inane commentary the only conclusion which can be made is that it is a fraud and a hoax, where there was no such plane and no such passengers as attributed to it in existence.

The actions/behavior of media representatives support this premise. It can be all revealed in pictures, which tell all.

It clearly is a circus if not a zoo. More correctly, it is a diabolical fraud. It is not possible to commit a fake to this degree and extent without leaving a trail of evidence. Real grief is real; fake grief is fake. Acting is acting. Actual suffering is clear and evident. If it is a fake, that will be readily proven.

The following photo offers perhaps the most dramatic proof of all. The woman is really a grieving relative (though anonymous), suffering in agonizing despair? Really? Then, why are her handlers not paying the slightest degree of attention to her? Why are the focused on the serious-appearing woman in the sleeveless blouse?

The same image from an ‘overhead’ view. It is clear that the woman in the center is more than merely a journalist. She is the coordinator of this aspect of the hoax.

It is crucial, then, that this fake airline disappearance scam sets hold. This is serious business. ‘We’ve got to make this one work,’ says (sarcasm) that vile, murderous hoax orchestrator, David Rockefeller. ‘Keep the names of the fake grievers unknown. Just call them relatives or family members. Offer no other specifics.’

He, and, of course, the Rothschild clique, put his best people on the job, and still they couldn’t pull it off.

It merely demonstrates the incredible vast powers of the arch-Zionist cabal, the Rothschild and Rockefeller regimes, in controlling the media apparatus of this world. Yet, this finding of the actual handler for this part of the scam is a major issue, as is the clear and undeniable focus of the two men on the producer, not the woman supposedly dying of shock.

As usual with this crisis actor, the head is swung about wildly and the eyes are seized shut: completely.

Now, the image lightened up:

It is absolutely unprecedented. Never before in history has there been this degree of media response associated with the relatives of plane crash victims.

The tissue paper for the phony relative is a prop; she isn’t crying. Rockefeller and Rothschild leveraged all their assets to pull this off. All these media agents were sent on assignment by the Zionist cabal to capture the fake grief in vast detail so it could be spread all over the world as a means of control and influence.

What truly grieving relative, still in shock, still overcome with every conceivable emotion, would be willing to endure this? Yet, they are happily doing so, although there is the occasional fake shaking of the hand, pointing of the fingers, hand stop signs, and clenched fists.

Is there not one ‘relative’ that wishes to hide from this and seek private consolation? How could they? They are all bused in for this and have a job to perform, surely well-paid for their participation.

Is there not one honest person left in this world, one journalist, one fake griever, one fake relative - just one good human who will admit to this scam? Is there not even a single person who would send an email or post a message saying, “Yes, I’m disgusted with all of this. It is a terminal fake. There was no airline incident. It is all a lie.”

Then, are all the people in China and Malaysia on the take, including any involved Muslims? Is there not one brave person, one sincere, honest ‘official’ who will admit, anonymously or otherwise, that this is all a diabolical fraud?

Never before has there been even a modicum of this degree of media response to an aircraft incident where people may or may not have died. Moreover, when they did surely die, there was a muted response, as was seen in particular in the detonation of Beverly Eckert’s Colgan Air flight and also with the presumably missile-downed TWA Flight 800. Neither of these were hoaxes and yet the media association simply never occurred. There were no such extensive interviewing or photographic of grieving relatives.

Indignation and anger but no actual sobbing, shock, and tears of grief: no actual tears flowing directly from the tear ducts – just raised fists and facial contortions plus heads and bodies swinging wildly to-and-fro? Who believes it?

Nor is it believed, here, even to the slightest degree that anyone is really upset. Then, what about the hunger strike? That, too, is unbelievable. What would be believed is real shock and grief and also a desire not to be hounded and interviewed by the media, not a bunch of people going about waving signs and banners:

CNN caption: A relative of a Chinese passenger aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 tells reporters in Beijing on March 18 about a hunger strike to protest authorities’

Whether green, pink, purple, or white, clearly, the espionage agencies are behind this farcical event, which is, in fact, a non-event. The jet never even took off. There is no reason to pray, unless the homage is meant for Zionist devils.

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