It’s happened to probably just about anyone.  You post a thought, theory, idea, image, video or something you feel is worthy of sharing…and out of nowhere - TROLL ATTACK!
I wish I could say it’s never happened to me, but I think anyone who tries to raise awareness, dares to challenge the illusions of this world or genuinely wants to share messages of truth, personal theories or even their own opinion…is going to eventually have to deal with this strange and elusive creature.
How do you identify a TROLL?
Here is a list of the top FIVE signs to look for:

  1. Instantly makes negative remarks without cause or reason
  2. Cannot support their reason for disagreeing with VALID supporting evidence
  3. Appears to want to argue, just for the sake of arguing
  4. Seems to wish to deliberately distract others away from the original thought, idea or intent of a post by turning focus on negativity and/or themselves
  5. Has no tact or respect when delivering their opposing opinion
The interesting thing about TROLLS is that they can also appear to be trying to do good and may not even realize they are in fact, a TROLL.  This is what we call the “ZOMBIE”.  These poor unfortunate beings have lived their entire life thinking and believing everything that they have seen or heard on TV and other mainstream media programming without ever questioning anything.  They truly are offended when others have theories that threaten their comfort zones and/or beliefs about the world we live in. They are tormented by their own fears and often bring up topics such as “Racism”, “Religion” and “Terrorism” as their excuse or reason for ignoring facts.
So how do we deal with them?  Well, the first thing we MUST do is make sure that WE ourselves do not become TROLLS.
Just take the top five identifiers above and do the opposite!
  1. Do not allow yourself to be offended, stay calm (TROLLS hate that…)
  2. Try to offer the TROLL a chance to prove he’s not a TROLL by providing VALID supporting evidence
  3. Do NOT engage in petty argument (logical debate is different), even if they seem to really be pushing you…this is a common TROLL trap.
  4. Do not allow the original thought or intent behind your post be lost
  5. Always have tact and respect when handling your TROLL
There is always the option of just completely ignoring them, blocking etc.  It also gives an opportunity to help a TROLL, yes TROLL Intervention.  Not all TROLLS can be helped, some work for the “other side” and it’s their job to keep disinfo circulating as well as intimidate and distract those who are on the right track.  These are the most dangerous TROLLS because they are truly out to hurt Humanity and to keep their Master’s in control.
In effort to help keep yourself from being improperly identified as a TROLL, just be sure that you have a valid reason for stating your opinion.  If it’s just to make others look at you as if you are smarter, better than, or to stroke your ego…then you could very likely be identified as a TROLL, even if you might be right.  If you see someone you know isn’t a TROLL and they could possibly be circulating disinfo in error, private message them first and bring it to their attention.  No reason to be an ass and publicly humiliate someone in an effort to come off looking superior. Who knows, YOU could even be the one who is wrong and then you run risk of making yourself look like an even bigger ass.  But you should always admit when you honestly can see you were wrong, you don’t have to make a big speech about it, but this builds character and others will respect you for it…and if they don’t, then that’s their issue.
It’s important to remember that while we waste our time battling with TROLLS, we risk losing sight of what is truly important, and that is exactly what the opposing team wants – distraction.
By Kendra Gilbert

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