Gallagher started the segment by reporting that his team had found dozens of cases of people who were struck with sticker shock once the effects of ObamaCare were fully realized. Since it would be impractical to report the details about all of those families in one short segment, he focused on three of them.


The first family he mentioned is a family of four that lives in Kentucky. He noted that their premiums have gone up by 24%. This might not seem so bad, but the family’s co-pays for emergency room visits and urgent care have tripled.

Next, Gallagher mentioned a family of eight that live in Alabama. That family was informed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield that their old plan, which cost about $400 per month, no longer qualifies under ObamaCare. The family’s new plan will cost over $1,300 per month. In other words, the health insurance premium for that family has more than tripled.

Finally, Gallagher talked about the family of viral video star Titus, the pacifier-sucking child who shoots baskets better than most adults. That family has seen their deductible spike from $1,000 to $6,000.


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