A total of 4,628 workers died in the US due to workplace injuries in 2012 and 50,000 lost their lives due to occupational diseases.

The report titled ?Death on the Job' has been released by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). It contains details about the states where workers are most at risk of getting injured and dying.

The riskiest state is North Dakota as it has a fatality rate five times higher than the country's average. The report added that almost 18 deaths take place per 100,000 workers in North Dakota. Rise in homelessness, crime rate and boom in the energy industry have been noted as some of the important reasons behind these deaths.

The top five states having higher death rates owing to workplace injuries include Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and West Virginia. The lowest state fatality rate was Massachusetts, followed by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Washington.


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