The Statistics Your Doctor Will NEVER Tell You!
Did you know that the true 5-year cure rate of conventional cancer treatments is less than 3% (actually, about 2.1%). This statistic is from the Journal of Oncology in 2004. Their “cure rate” hasn’t changed much, if any, since 2004. They hide their true cure rate by using clever terminology, such as by using the term “response,” which means nothing as far as survival is concerned.

Cancers such as:

Multiple Myeloma
Soft tissue sarcoma
Unknown primary site
Have a 0% success rate with chemotherapy.
And even though they know it’s 0%, they still opt to poison and burn people. The 5-year cure rate for pancreatic cancer is zero percent. The most worthless treatment on earth for pancreatic cancer is Whipple surgery. There is no honest evidence that this surgery provides any real positive difference in survival or quality of life. Even worse, 5-20% of patients die from the surgery itself and many even develop diabetes after! Yet, every day, surgeons perform Whipple surgery on pancreatic cancer patients.
Did you know that about 27% of people that get diagnosed with cancer and don’t do anything, get spontaneously healed? That’s the statistics from many doctors; a quarter of people that do absolutely nothing, no chemo, no radiation, no orthodox or even alternative methods cure themselves of cancer. So with the current modern medical 2% cure rate, chemo and radiation is killing off the 25% of people that would have otherwise survived by doing absolutely nothing.
If you sit down on your couch, grab yourself a snack and start watching your favorite TV show, you will have a 1250% HIGHER chance of surviving cancer than if you visit your doctor and start chemotherapy.
“My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, other than when used in immediate life-threatening situations.”—Prof Jones.
The Truth They Are Hiding From You
A German epidemiologist from the Heidelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic, Dr. Ulrich Abel has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to subject themselves to chemotheraly. To make sure he had reviewed everything ever published on chemotherapy, Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world asking them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the world knows more about chemotherapy than he.
The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding: “Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can “extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers.” Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rarely can improve the quality of life. He describes chemotherapy as “a scientific wasteland” and states that at least 80 percent of chemotherapy administered throughout the world is worthless, and is akin to the “emperor’s new clothes” – neither doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy even though there is no scientific evidence that it works!” – The Lancet (the most respected medical journal in the world)
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Doctors Refuse Chemotherapy
Research has shown that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects body and immune system, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be “life extending,” yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer.
The McGill Cancer Center in Montreal, Quebec, one of the largest and most prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world, did a study of oncologists to determine how they would respond to a diagnosis of cancer. On the confidential questionnaire, 91% said that ALL chemotherapy programs were unacceptable to them and their family members.The overriding reasons they gave for this decision were that the drugs are ineffective and have an unacceptable degree of toxicity. These are the same doctors who will tell you that their chemotherapy treatments will shrink your tumor and prolong your life!
“A study of over 10,000 patients shows clearly that chemo’s supposedly strong track record with Hodgkin’s disease (lymphoma) is actually a lie. Patients who underwent chemo were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and 6 times more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and soft tissues than those patients who did not undergo chemotherapy (NCI Journal 87:10).” - John Diamond M.D.
“There is no proof that chemotherapy in the vast majority of cases actually extends life, and this is the GREAT LIE about chemotherapy, that somehow there is a correlation between shrinking a tumor and extending the life of the patient.” – Dr. Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.
“Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times.” – Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, Congressional Record, September, 9, 1987
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