Have you ever wondered about the dangers of WiFi? To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of it until I came across a list of 34 scientific studies demonstrating the dangerous effects of WiFi exposure including headaches, reduced sperm count and oxidative stress. I am all for the conveniences of modern technology, but is it worth risking our health? When wireless internet entered our world in 1999, most people were beyond excited to be able to connect to the internet anywhere and anytime. It quickly became a widespread phenomena. Most of the time, we don’t think about the dangers of technology to our health because, well, we love how easy our lives have become in terms of convenience. I don’t mean to burst the bubble, but the WiFi dangers are real!

Think about it, we are constantly surrounded by wireless internet because we never turn it off, neither do our neighbors. The researchers found that seeds planted near WiFi routers would not grow. So what happens? It’s a 24 hour generation of a dangerous electromagnetic energy. Even though the radiation levels generated by WiFi are pretty low, they still pose serious health risks as these frequencies are biologically damaging. Accumulated over time, it can result in cancer, DNA damage and a weakened immune system. (study) DNA damage disrupts normal cell growth and protein production.
WiFi Dangers Include:

- Chronic fatigue
- Depression
- Digestive problems
- Memory problems
- Chronic stress
- Insomnia
- Heart palpitations
- Headaches/migraines

What’s the solution?

For starters, we have to turn off our WiFi routers when we are not using the internet. You can even ask your neighbors to do so. A more extreme measure for some, is to give up your wireless internet and go back to regular wired internet. You can also protect your body against EMFs by eating these superfoods:

- Iodine

- Vitamin D3 (where to find)

- Sea vegetables

- Spirulina

- Noni

- Curcumin

- Melatonin

- Tulsi (Holy Basil) (where to find)

- Omega-3 fatty acids

- Glutathione

- Sulfur

- Selenium

- Zinc

You are in charge of your health!


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