Of course what we have said this 3-4 months has been confirm by Putin now.
Imposing sanctions on Russia and blaming it for destabilizing Ukraine contradicts US national interests, President Putin said at the BRICS summit in Brazil, emphasizing that declared support of Ukrainians should not be limited to the country’s oligarchs.

Speaking to the press following the BRICS summit in Brazil, Vladimir Putin was asked to comment on the new package of sanctions against Russia announced just minutes earlier by the US President.

“We aren’t the ones introducing sanctions, you should ask them,” Putin said.
“But as for sanctions, they usually have a boomerang effect, and without a doubt will force US-Russian relations into a corner,” he elaborated. “This is a serious blow to our relationship. And it undermines the long term security interests of the US State and its people.”
Putin said that it is “regrettable” that “our partners” have chosen to impose new sanctions, but Russia“will not close doors to negotiations.”
“We're open to finding ways out of this situation,” Putin said. “I really hope that common sense and the willingness to resolve all issues through peaceful diplomatic means will prevail.”

Boomerang effect

“The measures taken by the US administration towards Russia, in my view, contradict the national interests of the United States,” Putin said. “This means that, for example, large companies wanting to work in Russia after facing certain restrictions will lose their competitiveness compared with other global energy companies.”
“We gave an opportunity for the largest US company to work in the [Arctic] shelf. So what, the States does not want it to work there?” Putin wondered. “They are hurting their biggest energy companies. And for what? In order to, after making one mistake, insist on making another?”
“This is, at very least, an unprofessional approach. Sooner or later, such methods of solving international problems will have to change, but the damages will have to be written-off as losses for those doing it.”


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