Fascism is indeed what the EU represents; it is based, top to bottom, on the World War II era Fascist blueprints for a neo-feudalist, pan-continental union of Europe. 

Under the EU, the democratic sovereignty of the nation-state is annulled and transferred into the hands of all-encompassing, and notably authoritarian, European agencies. These agencies serve as nothing more than umbrellas for corporate conglomerates, their function being to enforce the market dominance of these interests under a political and economic iron fist.

This kind of totalitarian, corporate-run centralism is, of course, an essential element of the corporate fascist state -- or superstate, as it is in this case. Another essential element of fascism is localism, whereby the parliamentary nation-state is further eroded by splitting it into new "administrative units" (aka, euro-regions, localities, municipalities, etc). This has been happening all throughout Europe since the 1980s, with the reorganization of the previous nation-states and their national provinces into these new administrative units. These are accountable to the EU only, and are run on a public-private basis. I.e., banks, corporations and foundations run these "regions", with unelected, corrupt officials as their enforcers. Neo-feudalism. The old maps of Europe have become meaningless. The European nation-state no longer exists. What now exist are these neo-feudal, fascist entities, from the continental to the local.

It should now be stated that this model of mass reorganization is the exact same model that is being implemented on a global level under the auspices of United Nations Agenda 21 and "sustainability" (this neo-Nazi slogan is also one of the main mottos of the EU). The nation-state is eroded and finally annulled and dissipated and replaced by this (very old) Fascist organization system of "local to regional to continental to global". 

It took centuries for Europe to come out of the nightmare of feudalism. It's taken only a couple of decades of apathy, ignorance, corruption and inactivity to dissolve most of the liberal-democratic, parliamentary victories of centuries. 

Do your homework, get active, and don't let this Agenda 21/Euro-fascist model pass, whether you're in Europe or elsewhere. This is the fight of our time. Our children and grandchildren will inherit this world. Do you want them to inherit a de-developed, deindustrialized, corporate fascist feudal plantation? Or liberty, justice and parliamentary democracy? The choice is up to you.

By Rodney Atkinson

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