We hear it all day, every day, from the main stream media. The economy is improving! Unemployment is down! Look at the stock market, it’s booming! But that’s not the reality is it?
The truth is that our economy is dying. Half the unemployed have given up looking for a job all together.

Nearly half of US unemployed have given up looking for a job

According to RTUSA,
Nearly half of unemployed Americans are on the verge of completely giving up on looking for a job, but they remain optimistic they will find a job they really want within the next six months, a new survey found.
The poll, commissioned by staffing firm Express Employment Professionals, found that 47 percent of the 1,500 respondents agreed to some extent that they have completely given up on looking for a job, but only 7 percent said they agree completely with that statement.
Our 24 -29 year olds are moving back home with their parents because they can’t find work after spending thousands of dollars on a college degree and the number of Americans enrolled in the Social Security disability program has just hit another brand new record high.
Does that sound like an improving economy to you?
Aside from the lack of jobs and declining wages, we have a rising cost in the things we need most, like food. To make matter worse, those cost are going to continue to skyrocket. As I have already reported, we are facing a massive food and water shortage that is going to take most Americans by surprise.
Now is the time for Americans to face the grim reality and get prepared. 

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