Many thousands of Israeli peace protestors had been expected to arrive at Rabin Square tonight, to voice their solidarity with the people of Gaza. But once again, the Israeli police decided that freedom of speech simply does not apply to those speaking out against the actions of the Israeli State.
Police announced that peace protestors will not permit the demonstration to take place. An Israeli Home Front Command has placed restrictions on what they define as simply “large gatherings.”

Now simply “gathering” to speak out against the war is ILLEGAL in Israel. This comes after weeks of growing protests, number in the thousands, began embarrassing the Israel right wing hawks. Israeli citizens were clearly not of one mind. An exponentially growing number were coming out to oppose the War on the Gazan people. Now, the Israeli Home Front Command, in collusion with the police, have simply banned peace protests
The Israeli peace group, Peace Now, says, “As law abiding citizens, we have to postpone the demonstration to a later date, but we question the reasons behind the cancelation as life continues as normal here in Tel Aviv today. We wonder if the motivation behind the cancelation, beyond fear of rocket attacks, had to do with possible attacks by the extreme right.”
They continue, saying “We view the decision, which does not allow people to protest during tense times, as a dangerous precedent that weakens the democratic discourse in Israel.”
Until this ban is lifted, any sizable peace protest in Israel is effectively off limits. So when you don’t hear about those protests for the people of Gaza, number as high as 10,000 in number any more, now you know why. The Israeli State has banned protests in an attempt to squash what they fear is a budding Israeli Spring.
(Article by M.B. David)

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