All too often I see Facebook comments saying, “That’s why I eat Wendy’s,” or “Why do you always pick on McDonald’s?” Well this disgusting information is for you and I doubt you will want to eat at Wendy’s again after you see this.

We don’t pick on any fast food vendor in particular as if we support another. The fact is that ALL fast food is loaded with toxic chemicals that these greasy corporations would rather you not know about.

Hopefully it doesn’t, but if this makes you feel as though you have nothing left to eat consider this as your motivation to step up to the plate and grow some wholesome food! For the cost of a McDouble or Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger you can purchase an entire package of seeds.
Lay some free cardboard down on your lawn, wet it with water and kill off enough to grow a crop or two. Once you have something planted you can collect seeds for the following season for endless free food. Eat what you can, can what you can’t and Voilà! You’re not complaining about how toxic dollar menu crud is the only food you can afford.
For those of you who don’t have a yard to grow in, check out these tips on growing food in an apartment.
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