By Susan Duclos

In a just released segment from Alex Jones a caller, Brian from Arizona,  claiming to be a former Naval aviator,  talks about intel he has been getting from his contacts still in the service, confirming the existence of the much talked about FEMA camps across the country. The caller also claims that citizens are being classified into three groups, the "hiders, fighters and runners," and once the government knows which class a person fits in to, they know how to deal with them. 


After Jones explains his belief that it is all part of the geo-political global destabilization plan set into motion by mega-banks, the caller continues on to assert he spoke to a friends still in the military he described as a "high level staffer," even offering to tell Alex Jones who it is off-record, and he asked this staffer if FEMA Camps were real and the reply was a question "We have a hundred million people on some form of subsistence, welfare, food stamps," etc....  "When the government checks stop, what do you think these cities are going to look like... he says what are you going to do with the people?"  That's what the camps are made for the caller claims.

Listen below.


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