As far as modern medicine is concerned, there are no cures for cancer. It’s not surprising that the industry responsible for treating an ailment like cancer would say that, because as we all know – there is no money in a cure, only in treatment.
Why is it then, that every day there are new stories of people fighting off cancer with homemade remedies and natural medicine?

One such story is from a Croatian man named Ante Kresich. 13 years ago Kresich was diagnosed with lung cancer, and Croatian doctors told him he didn’t have enough time remaining to even treat him. Instead of being resigned to death like his doctors claimed, Kresich started a treatment consisting of pure honey and a few herbs, which completely cured his cancer. “I left the hospital in April, and in the summer I was already a completely different man,” Kresich said, “ When I went to consult my doctors they could not believe that I was alive, and also they couldn’t believe the results of the examinations that followed.”
Thanks to the simple combination of honey and herbs, Kresich’s cancer has completely disappeared without any lasting traces.
Now happy and healthy, Kresich has a new hobby: raising honey bees.
“People with similar destiny come to me and I keep telling my story over and over again, the agony I had to go through and the cure that helped me. My recipes help them, giving them hope” , says Kresich, and he believes that from now on it is his obligation to help others.
A Bosnian woman, who after being diagnosed with endocrine cancer, faced a fate similar to Kesich’s. After just a few days of using her treatment consisting of organic honey and ground ginger, she came back from the brink of death, and is alive and healthy to this day.

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