Huge crowds of protesters took to the streets of the Russian capital to demand peace in Ukraine, in the biggest opposition rally in half a year.
RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

The opposition organizers failed to attract the promised 50,000 for the event, but “there was a very high turnout,” RT’s Anissa Naouai reported from the center of Moscow.

City authorities estimated the turnout at 5,000, but the number voiced by independent monitors – 26,000 – seems more believable, according to Naouai.
The demonstrators carried Ukrainian, Russian, and opposition flags, while chanting “No to war!” and other slogans.
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According to Naouai, those marching on Sunday deny Kiev's and Washington’s responsibility for the events in southeastern Ukraine and “see Russia as the aggressor; as the party that is undermining a chance for peace” in the region.


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