Your Immune system keeps your body going. With all the diseases going around in such epidemic proportions, it is more important now than ever to have a strong immune system.
When your body has a weak immune system, you are losing the ability to fight off illness and disease weaken as well. Read on and learn about some of the overlooked sources of immune system stress.
1. Weed killer and Roundup
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This is one of the most important reasons to shop Organic. Roundup causes mutations in the white blood cells, this severely weakens your immune system and your body’s natural defence against disease.
2. Non Stick Pans
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Perfluorinated compounds are present on may pots and pans to keep food from sticking while it is being cooked. PFS’s are linked to weakened immune systems, hormonal imbalance, and osteoarthritis. Instead of Nonstick pans try ceramic, stainless steel, or iron.
3. Sleep deprivation
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Lack of sleep can lead to a weaker immune system as well. Depriving yourself of sleep can lower the number of T cells in the body making it difficult to fight off infections.
4. Antibiotics
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Taking antibiotics reduce the levels of cytokines, the hormone messenger of your immune system. When you suppress your immune system, you are more likely to develop resistant bacteria or become sick.
5. You don’t laugh enough
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Positive emotions associated with laughter decrease stress hormones and increase certain immune cells.
6. Microwave Popcorn
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PFC’s are present in the bags of popcorn to keep the popcorn from sticking to the side of the bag. Just like with the nonstick pans these are bad for your immune system.
7. Canned Foods
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The Bisphenol A or BPA linings that coat the insides of most cans have been linked to the malfunctioning of the Immune system.


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