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A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying

Chemtrails are trails in the sky that expand to create a milky, artificial cover, after the airplane spraying them has passed. They contain aluminum sulfate nanoparticles, titanium, barium,bacteria, radioactive material, plasma according to Tom Bosco and Clifford Carnicom who have studied the fallout for more than 10 years. These agents cause respiratory diseases, heart damage, as well as, temporary loss of memory, headaches, disorientation.

The spraying is illegal according to international law and must be publicized and stopped.

Please take a moment right now to sign the petition and pass it on if this issue is important to you.


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  1. having lived in Hawaii for 30 yrs ,I recently visited my daughters in Portland Oregon, within in hours of arriving there I noticed the sky was covered with stripe like clouds going in all directions that spread out and dropped down towards earth surface, strange I thought because we don't have this activity in the islands . I researched what it could be , now I know its called chem trails.most of the people I talked to had no idea because its a daily thing there so they thought it was normal ,Not long after that I started having health issues and had to be hospitalized ,I lost 35 lbs and became anemic. I'm now back in Hawaii and my health is back again and the skies are clear , I gained back my normal weight of 185 lbs. Its obvious the populated areas are being poisoned by this agenda



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