Ben Affleck seems so amiable in his movies. However, on the set of Bill Maher’s liberal TV show (I don’t even know the name), he was seething. 

Yes, seething mad that someone might think, just because Muslims are chopping off heads, raping young girls and committing honor killings, there might be a problem within the doctrines of Islam. 
32 2014 10 15 Ben Affleck Curses Jesus While Defending Islam

Even Bill Maher, an avowed atheist and super liberal, seems to get it right when it comes to Islam. 
However, Hollywood A-lister Mr. Affleck (who is so famous his name gets spellchecked in Word!) disagrees. 

He thinks any criticism of Islam is Islamophobic (a word that Word does not recognize). In fact, he thinks, “It’s gross. It’s racist.” Affleck ascribes to a belief system based on fairy tales that radical Islamists are a small minority and in no way reflect the belief of the overwhelming majority of peace-loving Muslims.

 He and his ilk like to say silly things like, “Only 7 percent of Muslims are radicalized.” That sounds so reassuring until you do the math and realize that 7 percent of the world’s Muslim population is roughly 100,000,000 people! 

One hundred million Islamic fanatics willing to rape, murder and pillage for the sake of their religious beliefs.

 Yes, at least one in every 70 persons on Earth believes it is OK to kidnap, rape and maim unbelievers. 

And that doesn’t even include moderate Islamic leaders and their regimes like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the PLO or the king of Saudi Arabia, who have no problem killing for political gain. More


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