These are the reasons I am anti-vax.

1.)  Aborted babies. This is my number one issue with vaccines. I am very opposed to abortion.  To make vaccines they take samples of the virus, but they have to have a host of cells (a cell culture) for it to grow on. Cells can be taken from different things. They can use human or animal cells. They are taken from human fetuses which are babies that have been aborted or from the embryos of monkeys, chickens, and rabbits. If you read the ingredients list listed below, aborted babies are listed as human diploid cells. Watch the video at the top.  You can find more information about this on many pro-life websites. You will also hear it’s not true there are aborted babies in vaccines, but human diploid cells being listed on the current ingredients list straight from the manufacturers settles that argument. 

2.) Potential risks. I have read the inserts. You can find the vaccine package inserts here is a pro-vaccine website, but the inserts are factual. The risks listed are the ones that have been acknowledged and documented.  

3.) The risks of the vaccines are worse than the risk of the diseases. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System cosponsored by the CDC and FDA. You can download files of reports from different years. A medical background may be helpful in interpreting the data. Also check out The National Vaccine Injury Compensation at

4.) Toxic ingredients can produce toxic results. The preservatives in vaccines are worse than the virus itself. Thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, and carcinogens are not things I want injected in me or my children. For those who say mercury is not in vaccines you can see it listed as an ingredient at the CDC’s website. The CDC has a list of vaccine ingredients that I think is a pretty good set up easy for anyone to read even without a medical background 

5.) Vaccinating pregnant women is causing miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects. Pregnant women given flu shots resulted in a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths.

6.)  Vaccines can cause SIDS. Sadly I regularly read stories of babies dying after being vaccinated. Let’s be clear. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If you know the cause of an infant’s death, it should not be listed as SIDS. If a 2 month old dies in a car accident you don’t list the cause of death as SIDS. This article is written by a doctor who opposes vaccines  
Here is another article I recommend 
Death is a risk of vaccines. Risk of SIDS is listed by vaccine manufacturers. This link is from the FDA. You can scroll down to page 11 where you will see SIDS listed as a risk of Tripedia which is a vaccine for DTaP (diphtheria, Tetanus, and pertussis which is whooping cough). notice autism is listed as a side effect on the next line which brings me to my next point. 

7.)  Vaccines are linked to autism. They tell you it isn’t yet it’s listed as a side effect in the medical literature. America may deny it, but other countries don’t. The MMR vaccine is well known for a higher rate of adverse effects than other vaccines. Many of us have heard of the court in Italy that confirmed a child’s autism was caused by the MMR vaccine, but that story got so much attention articles came out about it not being true. There are many parents and some doctors saying the same thing. This is Dr. Wakefield Here is an article linking to 22 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism . Medical research and literature is important to read when making the decision on vaccines, but nothing has impacted me as much as observation has. I personally know parents whose children were fine until they got the MMR. Whether vaccine manufacturers, the government, and vaccine advocates want to deny that or not you can’t deny when you’ve seen reactions in people you personally know. Sadly for many those adverse reactions have been in their own children. Some reactions people recover from. Some do not. Right after this blog was posted the news was spread about the CDC whistleblower who came forth about them covering up the link between vaccines and autism.

8.) Vaccines and infertility especially with Gardisal. The following article lists additional links at the bottom I recommend

9.)  Vaccines and cancer. Some of the ingredients in vaccines are carcinogenic. I’m not going to get into conspiracy theories or whether some manufacturers intentionally put people at risk for cancer. For me this is simple. Vaccine ingredients are listed in reputable places such as the CDC, FDA, and manufacturer websites. In those lists I see some chemicals that are known to or suspected to be carcinogenic. Vaccines are on the rise. Cancer is on the rise. There are many things associated with an increased cancer risk. Could vaccines be one of them? I think so. Are vaccines solely responsible? Definitely not.

10.) There is often a denial of adverse reactions being caused by the vaccines. There are countless stories of a clear side effect occurring and doctors denying it. That makes me not trust the product. All medications have risks. Refusal to acknowledge that is unsafe.

11.) You can’t sue the companies or the doctors. To me that is suspicious.

12.) No proof of effectiveness. Vaccination does not equal immunization. If you really felt that your vaccines were effective, the fact that I am not vaccinated should not scare you.

13.) I see no studies proving how many lives they have saved. Also don’t give me statistics from third world countries. I live in America. I want to know the statistics for my area.

14.) Epidemics naturally have a rise and fall. I’d like to see legitimate statistics on the fall of an epidemic aftervaccines were given.

15.) Vaccinated people are getting the diseases anyway. What is the point in getting a vaccine that comes with serious health risks if most of the people getting sick with “vaccine preventable” diseases were vaccinated?

16.) Herd immunity is a theory. The theory has been disproven many times yet pro-vaxxers still play that card all the time.

17.) There are other ways to boost your immune system and prevent illness. Hygiene, hand washing, clean water, healthy food, improved living quarters, and the availability of medical treatment have all dramatically reduced disease. You cannot compare unvaccinated people today to unvaccinated people 200 years ago. The circumstances were far too different when you had people dying of things that are now easily treatable in America. If you’re really concerned about an outbreak wash your hands often, stay away from people you know are sick, and get some Young Living thieves oil.

18.) We don’t know how vaccines affect the human microbiome.

19.) There are no studies on giving multiple vaccines in one day. That’s a very common practice for children to get several shots at once. Even for those not opposed to vaccines you don’t know how that changes the effectiveness. If you are going to get vaccinated or have your kids vaccinated, do one at a time. There are also many, many stories of babies dying after receiving large amounts of shots at a time. I’ve heard up to 9 in a day!

20.) Kids are now getting vaccinated more than any other generation and they are suffering from more diseases than the previous generations. Is it really making us healthier to have over 35 injections of toxins in childhood? This is the CDC recommended vaccine schedule for birth to 6 years followed by the recommended schedule from 7 years to 18 years Also here is the recommended schedule for adults 

21.) Kids need some illnesses to build their immune systems. I know people that vaccinate according to schedule, vaccinate on a delayed schedule, selectively vaccinate, and oppose all vaccinations. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the vaccinated kids are sicker than the unvaccinated. Their immune systems have been poisoned. 

22.) Other countries are opposing or withdrawing support for what our country is promoting because of such a large number of adverse effects. Doesn’t that tell you something? Follow the money trail. 

23.) There are nurses, doctors, and scientists in America speaking out against vaccines in general or specific vaccines. If the people who work in the health care field who have given vaccines and seen the reactions themselves are opposed to it for their own families, that should be a warning sign. Here are some of the doctors that are licensed and practicing who publicly oppose vaccines.
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein at 
Dr. Russell Blaylock who is a neurosurgeon
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who is an osteopath also view an interview with her here
Dr. Meryl Nass 

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Kelly Brogam
and Dr. Susan Humphries who produced the movie The Greater Good.
On her movie’s website she listed SOME of the doctors who are publicly against vaccines. 
I have heard many nurses and other health care workers secretly admit they are opposed to vaccines. Just today a relative of mine went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist asked if she has had a flu shot. My relative said she doesn’t get the flu shot because she’s had it once and it made her sick. The pharmacist whispered “I know.”

24.) When you give the government control over one area of health care they will slowly take control over more than you bargained for. It should always be up to the free American individual what health care and medications they receive. Considering one of the risks of vaccines is that your child could die it is unethical to force parents to put their child’s life at risk.

25.) I will not cooperate with being bullied from the government, doctors, or public school system. If you have to force your product on someone it’s probably not very good. This decision is mine to make. I hear more and more cases of parents being ‘fired’ by their pediatricians if they don’t vaccinate. Public schools tell you it is required. “No shots no school” is not true. You can file exemptions. You also don’t have to sign a waiver from the doctor saying you are knowingly putting your child’s health at risk. Beware some schools are giving vaccines without parental consent or directly against the parents declining vaccines. Those rarely make the news, but you can read about them online. Something you can see news clips of is school officials and public health workers going door to door to try to vaccinate kids who are not vaccinated yet enrolled in school. Home school anyone?

26) I don’t trust the marketing of pharmaceutical companies that profit so much off the administering of medication. Though it is an expensive business to be in it is still a multi-billion dollar industry Follow the money trail

Medicine is trial and error. We have made many, many great and wonderful advancements in the last 200 years, but we have also made mistakes. It's understandable. Humans aren't perfect. The problem comes when you are doing something and you realize it is not good for the patients and you don't stop. That's the problem. When the medical community puts profit over patients, insurance policies over best care, and sticks with what they've been doing because changing may admit you did something that wasn't really best after all is when medical care becomes bad. Think for yourselves. Look at the evidence. Follow your intuition. The medical community once said you could drink mercury, smoking was good for your health, pregnant women should be given routine pelvic x-rays, and vaccines were good for you. Oh wait, there are some things they are saying today that 30 or 100 years from now the majority will know better. You are responsible for your health care. Be informed. You can choose to vaccinate at any time, but once it’s done you can never undo it. Take the time to do your research and go with your gut instinct.

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