Over the years, the discontent for Walmart’s business practices has been steadily growing. 

In the past, they’ve been characterized as small-business killers, even prompting television programs like South Park and Family Guy to take a stab at them.

Every year that passes, the public learns more about them. We’ve learned things about how Walmart actually instructs their employees to apply for financial assistance, and that the company’s low wages require the employees to receive around $400,000 in welfare benefits each year.

The Walton family, the owners of Walmart, are the wealthiest family in the United States.

Their workers are what made them so successful, but when their workers ask for a living wage to take care of their families, save money, move forward and better themselves, their demands are ignored. 

So this Black Friday at a Walmart near you, the workers will be making their voices heard. But will it work?


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