This is satanic. Ouija board are not just for fun the reality is if you play with them your calling demons to come and they will come and possess you and all of you that like to play with it.

Wake Up People and don't receive and buy this kind of satanic gifts, burn them broke them do what you need just get them our of your house!!!

Ouija took off again in the Sixties, outstripping sales of Monopoly in its best year. Cash-strapped teens made their own versions, using an upturned glass and paper scribbled with letters

Ouija boards are flying off the shelves. Not in the super- natural sense — but the commercial one.

The device, said to be a method of contacting the spirit world, is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. Google reports that sales of the board are up 300 per cent, and it is threatening to become a Christmas ‘must buy’.

The culprit is Satanic Hollywood, and a new horror film titled Ouija. Low-budget, lowbrow, it tells a familiar story — of kids dabbling with the ‘other side’ and coming off second best. The critics hammered it, but cinema-going teens, looking for something scary in the Halloween season, loved it.

To some, the Ouija board represents a harmless form of enjoyment, a pretend-scary rite of passage for teenagers in search of thrills on a stormy night. But to others, churchmen included, it is a danger to be avoided, a trigger for psychological harm — or something worse.

‘It’s like opening a shutter in one’s soul and letting in the supernatural,’ says Peter Irwin-Clark, a Church of England vicar who has witnessed the dark side of Ouija. ‘There are spiritual realities out there and they can be very negative.’


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