Much was written about the Nazis possibly killing millions of people in concentration camps during the second world war. Much evidence is coming out to disprove the extent of the German killing. But this is a whole story in its self. Yet not many people know about the Holocaust of Dresden Germany by the Americans and the British in February 13th and 14th 1945.

In only 2 days up to 300,000 people were killed. A large percentage were Children and Woman. Dresden had very little to do with the war. Dresden was a city of culture, art and leisure. Many people escaped to Dresden because of it’s reputation and lack of Allied bombing. Dresden housed many maimed and injured from the war. Its numerous buildings epitomized fine European architecture. Dresden was a city of artists, actors, scholars and tourists. Dresden housed no military or industrial complexes. In fact Dresden epitomized everything that the war was not.
Yet on those two unfortunate days a fury of fire and death hit this peaceful city, resembling the darkest descriptions from the biblical book of Revelation.  
On the first day of the Hell on earth the British air-force bombed Dresden with such ferocity the Devil himself must of admired the evil intent. 75% of the bombs were Incendiary bombs (Fire bombs). Fire bombs have the sole purpose to maximize the loss of life. The first bombing was followed up with a second. The second happened just at the time when people were leaving their bomb shelters and emergency workers would of been rescuing the mass injured. So as to maximize the torturous effect.  This created massive fire storms and fire tornadoes. These massive fire winds sucked many people, animals and vehicles outside the epicentre into the furnace. 
The American air-force followed this war crime with their own version the next day. By this time  the German Rescue and Humanitarian mission was in full swing. Numerous  ambulances, doctors and nurses and rescue workers were now attempting to save lives and support the injured.
The US massive air armada also included a large squadron of Mustang fighters. Their sole purpose was to fly low and and machine gun all living persons in site. They paid particular emphasis on the massive number of injured people and survivors massed on the river banks. There was even a large contingent of freed British prisoners present. All were mowed down sadistically.   

 Was this an act of Jesuit Catholic revenge

of Ethnic cleansing upon the Christians?

A fact rarely mentioned was that Dresden was the largest Christian city in Germany. Christian of the Lutheran denomination. 1521 was the year of the Lutheran Reformation. It was the year of a split from the Catholic church. And Rome has never forgotten. Was this an act of revenge by Rome? This topic is another whole issue to be investigated in itself. We had to wait decades to hear about the mass raping and sexual abuse by the Catholic clergy, so don’t expect much news on their part in this genocide soon.

 Allied Weapons of Mass Destruction 

Much is known of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Nuclear attacks. It was claimed the two bombs  were to prevent a greater bloodshed, if the Americans were to invade Japan. Perhaps so. Yet the Dresden indescribable act of sadism and brutality cannot be justified in any manner. Whats-more there was a lot of Allied prisoners in Dresden also. These soldiers were dispensable, Just like the German woman and children.
Across the Pacific the Americans were also busy performing another heinous act of war. In the Pacific War, during the last seven months of strategic bombing by B-29s  in the war against Japan, firebombing tactics resulted in some 500,000 Japanese deaths and 5 million more made homeless. Sixty-seven of Japan’s largest cities lost significant area to incendiary attacks. On par with Dresden was Operation Meetinghouse, an incendiary attack that killed some 100,000 Tokyo residents in one night.

 These War Crimes were never mentioned

in the Nuremberg trials

When the allied forces were busily portraying the war crimes of the Nazis in the Nuremberg trials after the war, I don’t recall any mention of Dresden. The Zionists, British and Americans have continually dragged up or exaggerated the war crimes of the Germans since 1945. I don’t suppose Zionist Hollywood will be financing a movie on this Second World War event. Please watch this youtube below. 


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