Many factors attribute to teeth stains such as wine, coffee, cigarettes; things that many of us partake in on a daily basis. When your teeth become discolored many of us become uncomfortable, and you tend to smile and laugh less because you don’t want to show your teeth.

Does this describe you? Regular teeth brushing and cleanings do not get rid of the problem, yes store bought whitening caps do make your teeth look whiter, but what do all those chemicals you are ingesting do to your body? They also tend to cause painful sensitivity in the gums and even the teeth.
There are many natural methods that do work, things like charcoal and turmeric are effective whitening methods, but the method below using only Baking Soda (aluminum free is what I use) and a lemon. Remember to only leave the mixture on your teeth for a minute, because he acid can damage the teeth enamel. Wash your teeth as normal i.e. Oil pulling (which I suggest) or brushing your teeth.


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